August 7, 2014 @Tonic, Awards

Three Times Skyhigh: Hattrick with Skyfall @ DMAI Awards

Let’s not create a campaign but let’s create new opportunities through innovation. And when that’s done, let’s push the limits.

We got home 3 Bronze from the DMAI Awards and we couldn’t have been happier to execute what we believe in.

The most successful installment of the James Bond franchise, grossing over $1 billion in theaters, was premiering on Sony Pix. We wanted to create a campaign that would meet this staggering benchmark in terms of television viewership. Our research said that we were talking to a very tricky group of audience (read more here- The need of the hour was a key move on social which would extend the thrill seen on celluloid, into the digital environment for our audience.

Creating Opportunities through Rich Media and Facebook innovation.

We realized that gaming is a rage among our target audience and decided to leverage this to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the TV debut of Skyfall. The biggest Bond movie ever was translated into a fascinating Bond experience , with a hunt themed campaign on digital and social media platforms for Sony PIX. Every user on social media was given an opportunity to go through the drill and the performance test was to be a secret agent in a Facebook application. The second stage of the performance test was the 1st ever mobile and PC integration experience in India. It allowed users to point their mobile phones like a remote controlled gun and “shoot” the villain on their PC screens. To cross the final stage, users had to watch the premiere on Sony PIX, track the secret codes flashed on air and submit them in the application. The agent with the highest scores would get an opportunity to visit the ‘The Bond in Motion’, London, an exhibition that showcased the largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles, anywhere in the world.
The results this campaign garnered, transcended ordinary by leaps. We saw a drastic increase in Facebook fans, our PTAT shot up by 102.14% during the campaign and around 20 million Impressions were received on Twitter during the campaign with the hashtag #SkyfallOnPIX trending throughout the day of the premier.

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