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The Perfect Look For The Perfect Role

Let’s have some fun with fashion within the confines of professional appropriateness. Here’s the mad men’s fashion guide for all you advertisers. Like they say, your “presentation” matters

Pick your role and where you fit in to see if you’re doing it right…

The Role: The agency director

The Look: Effortlessly suave

She comes in daily, turning heads, with a new and bright colored formal dress, paired with a non-traditional blazer, for those impromptu client meetings she floors each time.

Don’t forget the rimless or wooden framed spectacles to add to the unique, hipster-ish look.

The best part of this suave look is that she makes it look so effortless.

The Role: The account director

The look: Classic, done different

He grooms himself almost every day, or so he makes it seem. A classic suit with something different and quirky each time. His go to look would be a grey blazer on traditional navy trousers and a clean white button up. Though sometimes you’ll even notice a pair of funky socks that will subtly show when he sits in for a client meeting. Driven with a dash of fun is what this look is all about and the look he’s rocking complements that statement.

The Role: The creative and strategy head

The look: Think outside the box

When you think of eclectic, you think of him. This chap is gifted and sometimes underestimated, until you’re in a conference room with him at the white board.

The regular button up, folded sleeves, on a simple formal pair of trousers, along with that offbeat bowtie or sometimes even the polka dotted suspenders really gel well his beard and manbun. You can almost miss the charm and intelligence he’s gifted with if you don’t pay close attention. Though, once you do, you’ll never see him the same again.

The Role: The account management & client servicing head

The look: Trendy but classy

You’ll never be able to guess what her look will be tomorrow!

At the office, she’ll be rocking ripped off jeans with graphic tees and comfortable pair of shoes, be it neon Stan Smith’s or leopard print pumps. Never underestimating the casual look so that her peers can speak more comfortably with her.

Though, at meetings, what gets her adrenaline rushing is the clothes she wears. Patterned fitted cigarette pants with an asymmetrical or peplum black button up and her classic cat eyeglasses to rock her “I got this covered” look!

Once at these meetings, she takes over the room with her smooth talk & contemporary style.

Her confident personality will show in the clothes she wears and it what gives her the confidence to build that positive vibe with her clients.

The Role: The business development manager

The Look: Bold and beautiful

You cannot mess with this look (too much) considering the role you play, no matter what the organization is.

She rocks the elegant, classic look for the back to back meetings with a white button up along with a fitted pencil skirt, a matching blazer and kitten heels. But, if you notice, she perks this every day look with a cool watch piece or retro sun glasses some days whilst she accessorizes with statement jewelry to compliment her style and personality.

Are you dressing for the role you have, or underdressing?

By —
Deena Mansukhani Asser.
Regional Account Manager, Dubai. 

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