April 13, 2015 Social Media

The Meerkat vs Periscope Showdown

The race between the two live streaming apps is getting heated up! Is Twitter’s new app better than the independent Meerkat?

Twitter launched Periscope, a live audio and video streaming app weeks after the launch of its competitor, Meerkat. Sure, both these apps stream live video with minimum friction. However, when you get down it, Periscope comes with a few more bells and whistles so to speak.

mar2Periscope saves the video stream once you are finished. Meerkat is short-term and live videos disappear once you are finished broadcasting. While disappearing photos a la Snapchat are fun, disappearing videos not so much.

What happens on Periscope stays on Periscope. Your engagement with the apps stays walled-off with the social network. However, your engagement on Meerkat gets published on your Twitter profile which sometimes may seem out of context.


Periscope is pretty! It introduces the world to the concept of infinite hearts — while you watch a stream, you tap to send the person recording it a heart. And unlike likes, you can do this as many times as you want. Let the broadcaster know which parts of his broadcast are you enjoying the most.


MAR4At present both the apps are only available to iOS users. However, they are estimated to hit Google Play in the forthcoming weeks. Albeit Meerkat has been the first out of the gate, history has proven that the first in the market doesn’t guarantee market leadership..

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