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How to target a wide audience with effective video marketing

Video content is one of the most important aspects of marketing today, considering how everyone is glued to their phone or laptop and consuming video content on an unavoidably regular basis. So, as a corporate video production agency, we think it is important for brands to know how to market video content, the right way. This blog gives tips on how to ensure effective video marketing.

There has been a shift in how people consume content online, and video content is surely one of the aspects of that shift. Videos have turned out to be a powerful tool, when it comes to changing visitors into potential customers. People are more likely to visit your brand’s website or purchase your product or service, if it consists of high-end video content. Not only is it a more entertaining way of being informed, but also quicker for users to consume. Also, the average attention span of online users is decreasing day by day, due to the constantly increasing number of options. So, brands across all industrial sectors have started tapping into the potential of video content, which has contributed to the rise of commercial video production. However, just making a high-quality, engaging video to promote your brand, product or service with the help of a corporate video production agency is not enough.

So, it is important to include video content in your overall marketing strategy, and there has to be a full-fledged plan for how you will promote your video. The way you market your video content decides how many people it will reach, and how impactful it will be. Here are the ways to ensure you reach out to a wide audience, with effective video marketing:

  • Run your video campaign on social media
    An effective way to make people consume your video content is by running a campaign on social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. You can provide a link to the video with something they cannot refuse, for instance, an exciting offer. Provide users something that leads them right to the landing page with your video. This will not only engage them, but will also lead to more social sharing of your video.
  • Incorporate video content in email marketing
    Use your videos while implementing your email marketing strategy. It will make your emails a lot more intriguing and people will be more likely to click on the video thumbnail. Just ensure that the video should resonate with the message that your email is supposed to convey.
  • Use a good, gripping thumbnail image
    The thumbnail image is the first thing any user notices, when they come across a video online; so, the image has to be gripping enough to instill in them the urge to click on it. If the image is not appealing enough or even slightly bland, the chances of its consumption will decrease significantly.
  • Boost your video with targeted marketing
    The idea of spending money on video marketing might seem a little expensive, but if you spend just the right amount in the right way, it can actually yield better results. With targeted marketing, you can reach a very specific audience segment by ensuring that the video appears on the feed of those who are more likely to be interested in consuming it. This does involve money, but it can be incredibly effective and beneficial to you.
  • Explore multiple video formats
    It is always good to explore multiple video formats, and then keep making the types of videos that your audience is most likely to consume. There can be humor videos, animation videos, how to use a product videos, videos featuring experts reviewing products, and various other types. It all depends on the message you wish to communicate and its nature.
  • Speak in the language of your audience
    Being one of the best video production companies in India, we have to highlight the importance of the language that you use in your videos. Many brands tend to be unnecessarily preachy and fancy in terms of the language they use, which can ruin one’s interest in your brand, within just a few seconds. So, try not to elevate yourself by using overly fancy language, just for the sake of it. Understand the language of your audience and utilize it in your video content. People are more likely to like something, that they can relate to, on any level.Other than these, there are many other simple ways to enhance the reach of your video, such as playing it at an event, sharing it with communities that your brand serves, and putting the video link in the bio of your social media accounts. You can then use social media tools, to track its performance.

    Video marketing is an effort that requires not only technical knowledge of video making, but also a smart sense and a solid understanding of your target audience’s interests and behavioural patterns on social media platforms. So, your video marketing strategy should thoroughly revolve around these factors, in order to attain the desired impact.

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