February 13, 2014 Analysis, Social Media
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Social Media Trends 2014: The Right Strategy

2013 was a year that saw some overwhelming transformations in the landscape of social media. Starting from successful IPO’s of Twitter and Facebook, to some groundbreaking innovations, social media has come a long way and will continue its stride in 2014, as well.


Images over Text!

In 2013, we saw a rise in image and video sharing, compared to text based content. This trend is expected to continue, as Pinterest and Instagram will become an integral part of a retailer’s marketing strategy. Users are likely to react and engage with visual representations a lot more, bringing other image based social media channels like Slideshare, Tumblr, Path, Mobli, among others, to the forefront.

Say ‘Hello’ to Google Plus Again!

When it comes to active users , nobody can beat Facebook. However, Google Plus is catching up, as it has recorded the second highest number of monthly users. In the larger scheme of things, Google Plus will work well with businesses, in terms of SEO, search and social benefits (promoted posts), over an increased user base. In 2014, Google Plus has the potential to become the one-stop social media destination, for many businesses.

Videos on the rise

More and more businesses will look to create strong and meaningful relationships with their target audience, through videos. It could be an informational video or a commercial; users will look forward to these to learn more about the brand.

Keeping this trend in mind, Twitter launched Vine and Instagram started the new feature of sharing videos, with a strict time limit of 6s and 15s (maximum) respectively, thereby reducing the efforts of their users.

Empowering your customers

The most powerful way to interact with your customer this year, would be through influencers. People like to hear from the ones they can relate to, and social media happens to be the best place to empower your customers, to spread the word.

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Advertising : Choices are endless

With so many choices available in 2014, it will become a tad bit more difficult to set an effective promotional plan for Social Media. However, if done correctly, the returns can be better than any other medium.

 – More Twitter Ads:

In 2013, Twitter successfully completed its IPO, leading to which they have completely revamped their advertising structure, interface and targeting techniques.

– Facebook Video Ads:

Time and again, videos have proven to be a better and more effective form of engagement platform, as they have a significant impact on brand perception and purchasing decisions. Although , still at a nascent stage, Facebook’s Video ad units will play a big role in 2014.

Google Plus Pages:

2014 will be the year where businesses will get an opportunity to explore Google plus pages and build deeper relationships with their customers.

Few things to explore on Google Plus pages would be

Hangouts: Direct interaction

Circles: To get the right message to the right audience

Ripples: To understand who is talking about your brand

Adwords social extensions: To see which friends have +1’d your page. On an average, these recommendations improve your click through rates on search ads by 5-10%

For any digital marketeer, 2014 would be a year for strategy. With so many options and opportunities, it will be a year to experiment, expand and discover more in the social media sphere.

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