December 15, 2011 Social Media

Social Media Learning from 2011 in 3 Key Points

The year 2011 was a special one, seeing a constant spike on Social Media.  From Small businesses to Big Brands, everyone dipped their fingers into the water.  To some it was a short-term campaign, to the others it was a consistent approach to connect with their customers. While some found it a bit of mess with new experiments, reluctant to swim in a new ocean.  Overall, I would say the year was full of social experiences!


So, what are the lessons we learn here? What is it that an entrepreneur, a business owner or brand managers keep in mind before they put their social media swim suits & jump into the ocean? Well, here are the three key points – an insightful learning from 2011:


1.  Loyalty Pays Off

Having a loyal customer is as good as having a fiercely committed lover.  It always pays back. Recognize the loyal ones, appreciate & reward them.  The year 2011 taught us that your existing loyal customers are the ones who’ll stick to you and bring in more business.  We wouldn’t deny the fact that getting a new customer is more expensive than keeping or rewarding a loyal customer. Connect with them, give it a personal touch, synergize it both offline and online – on all the social platforms.

All I have to say in short…
grab their hand and hug them hot,
your loyal customer is worth a lot !!


2. Consumer Opinion Rules

We’ve all heard – customer is the king. Now we should say – A Customer’s Opinion is the Benchmark. A word of mouth shared online becomes a written proof, a strong opinion and a real life experience. It surely impacts your existing and potential customers.  Did you know, people trust consumer reviews even if they do not know the reviewer in person.


It’s like one drop on still water and the ripple is felt all across.  Make sure you have your eyes and ears both open. Don’t just acknowledge & apologize, do something to fix it.  If they say – your product or service sucks, Find the Cause, Improve it… and you’ll convert these negatives to positives. Use the consumer opinion as insights for product development & innovation. Get to know what they like, dislike and expect from you.


3. There is no Success without an Experiment & it sure takes time

Now come on, let us look back to our childhood.  Did we run the day we stood up and walked?  Even if Mumma could do that and she was helping you… could you say that cause of mumma, I couldn’t run the very first day I stood up from crawling?  Likewise, you may be a big brand, but hey, it’s an experiment. Your team, your agency, your brand managers – are like your mumma. They will take you where you want to be, but you should be prepared to walk the way they say!  Everyone learns it differently. We’ll tell you what’s the best for you, based on experience & experiments too!


Remember to keep a check on the insights, the statistics – you may need to tweak that campaign you’ve just started a week ago!   Don’t assume social media means only Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare etc etc.  Baby you need to walk on different roads to gain experience.  You need to take it offline, get beyond those four walls.  Connect offline to online.  Don’t say offline is traditional media, I mean come on… does anyone really trust the virtual world alone ?  Speaks for itself, right ?

Moral of the story… the year 2011 has sure left a good impact.  There is lot more to earn and lot more to do.  Apply these key points to your campaigns in the year ahead and make sure you are flexible too.  

Wishing you a successful 2012 on social media… Happy Networking 🙂


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