October 12, 2012 Random Thoughts

So, which Item number are you?

Bollywood has taken its “ song and dance” routine too seriously off late. When it’s not a Badnaam Munni asking you to consider her plight, it’s Sheila seducing you with her jawaani. Yes, a certain someone told us that it’s all about entertainment. And that sex sells. And, well no, you got the drift. But there is something even more facepalm worthy. I call it- The Dabangg effect. The Dabangg effect has single handedly led to a generation of masala, dishum (really?) dishum brainless flicks. You can kiss your intelligence goodbye before entering the holy chambers of the local friendly neighborhood multiplex.

And if you happen to belong to that niche category which scoffs at this type of cinema and appreciates art cinema only, well, admit it. You were curious too. Couldn’t understand why Salman Khan was revered and awarded Demi-Godlike status. So, in the safe corners of your couch, you sneaked a little peek when Dabangg was playing one night. I’m sorry, was it Singham?

The point being that this world is too big a place. And we’re all going to die anyway. So, the more, the merrier. It’s not such a bad idea to embrace diversity. You know, unity in diversity and all that jazz? And no, Hollywood does not have only smart flicks. Plenty of no-brainers there too. You need an example? Here, take two: “ Just My Luck”, “ A Cinderella Story”. Enough said.

On a lighter note, on behalf of all the women in the country, a mild appeal is needed, really. Bollywood needs to have hot males performing item numbers too! Yes, we take gender equality very seriously. Let’s start off with a bunch of quintessential dance numbers with the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and so many more! Let’s begin the party, shall we?

Moreover, there is a philosophy. People enjoy the larger than life Bollywood stories for a very simple reason. Because they’re searching for an escape. A way to desert the void which has come to symbolize their existence, a way to give wings to all those secret dreams and fantasies in a private corner of their minds. Bollywood shows them what they’ve always wanted. It’s pretty, it’s glamorous. It’s dreamy and ideal. It’s the belief that the cute couple in love should live happily forever against all odds. Evil gets sucked into a pit of nothingness and shame and the hero gets the girl and glory. You will meet your long lost love again. You will meet them half-way. Your life will not go unnoticed. You’ll get what you always wished for. Super heroes are real. You’ll be saved.

It breathes life into the idea that everything gets all right in the end and if it’s not alright, it’s certainly not the end.


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