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7 Things that annoy your Ecommerce website visitors

The shopping trends have changed worldwide, with the buzz about shopping online on Ecommerce websites. And with that there are significant web design, developments and innovations that brands want to bring on their ecommerce website. But at the same time, there are few ecommerce website design and innovations that have created some problems for the visitors. They are general but they are ignored. Here are the 7 most annoying things according to online shoppers on Ecommerce websites.

1) Forced to register
Registration happens with many websites. The visitor has to register before making a purchase. The registration details asks for many personal information from name, email id, address, gender, contact numbers and many other details. The ecommerce website should have an option where the customer can be the guest and still make purchases from your store.


2) Failed Filters:
The filter feature is the Ecommerce saviour. There are numerous confusing filters which starts from category to gender to clothing to clothing types to size to offers to price to brand to colour to sleeves to occasion to patterns to fit to discount to a never ending list of filters. A customer has to filter from all these filters and buy a product. But it really annoys the customer when they don’t get what they want, even after doing all the hard work on those filters.

3) No Order Tracking Details:
This is a luxury for most ecommerce players but it is increasingly becoming vital to have the tracking feature integrated as a service. For example: so online stores expect their customer to reach out to the delivery partner to get the details. This is a gross inconvenience and can be effortlessly avoided.

4) Not-so Mobile Friendly:
This is one of the major problems with most of the Ecommerce websites that their website is not mobile optimised. You have customers who make their purchases from their mobiles and if they can’t view the products or have to look for things in various directions by zooming in and out all the time, then you are losing your customers.

5) Annoying Search Bar:
Most stores horde gazillion products and their variants. But where they fall behind is with an inefficient search option. With a little attention to detail, even the search can be made to work to get customers to their desired products. Increased relevancy leads to a bigger cart, yes?

6) Confusing Policies:
Before making a transaction, customers are always weary of site policies: from what the exchange terms are to what the delivery period is. It’s advisable to make this known across the website on all pages. Ambiguous terms and regulations could well lead to disappointed customers. Simple icons, headers with contact details and an information-laden footer work brilliantly to put out all this content without taking away from the shopping experience.

7) Online Payments Only:
Yes, most of us don’t want to deal with cash anymore and online or card payments are the best options for us. Yet, there are about 35% of the online shoppers who prefer paying only after they have received the goods. Having both the options on the payment gateway will decrease the number of cart page dropouts.

Do you want a happy ending? Well, then how about giving your customers what they want! Smart search, tracking details, minimal filters, non-mandatory registration are just the beginning. Get in touch with your website development agency and ask them how.

By —
Shraddha Rao.
Sr. Project Manager, Dubai

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