November 27, 2012 Culture

Puente del Mundo, Corazon del Universo

Title translation – “Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe”, Panama’s nickname

If you know where America is, and that actually is divided in North, Central and South (at least that’s how I learn it], you are closer to know where I’m from.If you are familiar to “Panama Canal” then probably you know where “Panama” [the country] is.  YES, I have found a lot of confusion about “what” is “Panama”.








To make it easy… is a tiny tinny country with less people than Andheri, in Central America. United States have a Panama City, but that’s not it… and definitely the Canal is not there! So don’t get confuse. We are a very latin country that once was part of Spain and then Gran Colombia; we are completely independent 108 years ago. Hablamos Español [We speak Spanish] and are bless with Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Sea in our south and north borders, so you can try to visit both in one day.

Panama’s flag and Bridge of the Americas






Since the “Indians” [as we call our native people] were colonize by Spain so long ago and because of the construction of the Canal, we had North Americans, African, Chinese and a lot more nationalities coming… then you really can’t tell who is foreign in Panama [yes, yes, unless they are wearing does shorts with boots and their huge backpacks].




Climate for me in India has been easy as Panama has a very hot and humid weather; just in some states high areas you’ll find a more pleasant weather. Food is definitely not hot chilli and traffic can be similar… although we are still less population so it can’t be compared.

So if you want to sound Panamanian, say “Que Xopa” that’s our own “What’s Up”.

To wrap up… here are some of the things I enjoy and you should try when you visit Panama =)

“Pollera” our national costume. This is definitely not a everyday wear.

“Carnavales” (carnivals) 4 days of splendour and party.









“Sancocho” Panamanian soup. The perfect remedy for any hangover.







Panama’s Independence Celebration, held in November. Where tambourines playing traditional and not so traditional tunes get together with national costumes, dances, and a whole month of celebration and holidays for us.

“San Blas” (Caribbean) Amazing islands.

“Casco Viejo” (Old Panama) A glance of our history. And also the most likely place to find a “raspao”, very similar to India’s “Gola”.

“Chiriqui” (the state where I’m from).Green landscapes.










































“Diablo Rojo” this I don’t really like… but is very peculiar in Panama and for $0.25 you must ride it at least once. Where the “pavo” (driver’s assistance) keep screaming the destination and telling people inside to make space because that 3 sit can fit 4.

“Mola” Kuna traditional costume















And then… the city… where I spend my days fighting with traffic and crazy drivers, going around “Causeway” or “Cinta Costera”, chilling in the malls or go clubbing in “Calle Uruguay”. Take a day off in “Santa Clara” Beach and then a nice Sunday with the dogs in “Parque Omar”. 





And I could go on… and on… and on… after all Panama is “Puente del Mundo y Corazón del Universo” (Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe) and is the place I call “Home”.

If you want to know more… you can ask or just go here


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