April 15, 2015 @Tonic
india ka tyohaar

Play, Win, Celebrate India Ka Tyohaar With Tonic Media

Its that time of the year again…
When companies who sell beverages, chips and popcorn make big profits.
When almost all our sick leaves get exhausted.
When TV sets in all house are the centre of attention for hours, on maximum volume.
When the moods and atmosphere in every pub or mall are as crazy as the weather outside.
Why is that? you ask.

Well, its the Indian Premiere League of course. India is united to celebrate every event and festival. When its time for IPL matches, then its game on! Chaos takes over. People support their teams with much emothion and excitement. One harsh word against a team, (or their heroes), and you will get the stink-eye. So, beware of who you talk to and what you say, especially if you are at a sports bar surrounded by fans of a rival IPL team. (**Cue in bottles breaking, food flung across room, wild curses thrown around in every possible accent and dialect known.)

Brace yourselves, as Sony Max and Sony Six present ‘India Ka Tyohaar’ – the creatively designed microsite by none other than Tonic Media, where you will get addicted to interesting contests with exciting prizes, sponsored by @SonyMax, @SonySix and the IPL Team.

The first India ka Tyohaar contest is the #FastestTweetFirst contest. Even if the name says it all, allow us to elaborate. This is a fun contest that will simply add to the excitement during every match. All you need to do is login to your twitter account, register on the microsite and get tweeting. We want quick stats and updates throughout the match. Player scored a six – Tweet! Clean bowled – Tweet! Needless to say, you need to share the #FastestTweetFirst with full match updates. The fastest tweet stands to win amazing IPL merchandise.

The next contest is the #Expert140 contest. This contest follows the classic Twitter rule of 140 characters. Even though you will be cheering your team and super excited, you’re going to have to wait till the end of the match for this one. Again, log in to Twitter, register yourself and get started. After the match, you need to summarize the entire match in 140 characters using #Expert140 in your tweet. Get creative, use humour, whatever you want to do. The best one-liner stands to win some really sweet IPL merchandise.

What next you ask? *Drum Roll, please!* Its a selfie! Except, this time its called the #Matchfie contest. Well, because come on! We’re talking about the IPL matches here, people. Now if you admit it or not, we’re all professional photographers when it comes to clicking a selfie. This may come as a surprise to you guys, but you alone are not going to be the subject of this particular selfie. Its called a #Matchfie for a reason. Come what may, make sure your picture has the actual match going on. Doesn’t matter where you are – the office, the stadium, a bar, your living room – the match has to be in your picture. Then, go ahead and post your Matchfie on Instagram along with #Matchfie. The best #Matchfie will win some cool IPL merchandise. Put on those creative hats and get clicking.

Now, don’t just watch the IPL matches on @SonyMax, participate in exciting IPL contests too!


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