October 15, 2012 Random Thoughts

Of late goodbyes and new beginnings

Unlike your conceptions, this piece of literature is more about pav bhaji than human emotions and sentiments. The human breed can vaguely be classified into two categories. The first kind, who adores pav bhaji and gives it the respect it deserves, and the second kind, who doesn’t give a shit about it. While I belong to the former, I’ve come across various people from the latter, to whom I have just four words to say, ”It’s your loss dude!”

Just a small warning, things might get a bit depressing from here on. A wild thought occurred to me the other day while having a glass of chhaas. Since the time I remember, I’ve always had trouble in saying a goodbye. Be it the ‘bye’ you say while hanging up a call, or the one you say while parting ways with someone. What’s a big deal in it, you ask. Well the big deal is that there is no big deal. I’m just not comfortable with the idea of ending a conversation or meeting with someone with a bye. I feel it’s more like a milder version of saying, ”this might probably be the last time we’re meeting/talking to each other.” It’s an awkwardly abrupt end to something which was not supposed to end.

The most complex ones are those which are said when someone is leaving to go someplace else. Forever. Sure you’re supposed to be happy for their progress,wish them well, promise to stay in touch etcetera etcetera. And then comes the moment of truth. Saying goodbye. I’d rather pour myself a glass of whiskey and watch a movie than going through this mental trauma. Not because I’m a snob or am not bothered about others’ emotions. I just find it painful. Yeah painful. Watching someone go, someone whom you’ve really liked all the while, someone you wished you could spend more time with, it’s just too saddening.

Why can’t a call with someone go on and on, which leaves no space for a bye. Or why does anyone have to leave, they can might as well just stay with you forever, so no need for byes here either. But you know someone really wise once said, someone who should have kept his mouth shut than tell us this ugly truth that ‘change is the only thing constant.’ Yeah sure it is. While a ‘bye’ might be the end of something extraordinary, it is also the beginning of something more awesome. Though for me it’s always been depressing, certain assurances and some pav bhaji keeps me going. And so I’m always at my courteous best and say my share of goodbyes, but deep down I know they’re mere late goodbyes!.

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