October 15, 2012 Random Thoughts

Malad Station??… Nahin Madam!

Wondering what the hell is that, no worries I don’t want you’ll to stress over THIS atleast , I’m talking about our most favorite and most lovable people in Mumbai ‘RICKSHAWALAs’ (sarcastic tone). Riackshawalas have been a very integral part of our lives, they are the so called KINGS of Mumbai roads. We all say this dialogue “all rickshawalas are the same” but that’s a real wrong statement which I’m going to explain how.. I have lived in Mumbai since 6 years and in this much time I’ve learnt and observed rickshawalas, there are many different kinds of them, come lets find out:

1) The “Nahin nahin” types – these rickshawalas will always stop to ask where would you want to go but their answer never happens to turn into a yes and to add a cherry on top they show attitude and then my questions remains why the hell do they have to ask when they want to say NO, isn’t it too irritating..arrrgghhh!

2) The soch-vichar types – Here they fool you very tactfully, they create hope in your mind like no one has ever created before. The process goes like this- you ask, they think & think & think and in your mind you’re like “yes yes yes yes” but they say “aaaahhhhh naaahhiinnn” and that’s EXACTLY how they say it, trust me!!!

3) Hool dena types – Now here these ones just ride a rickshaw for themselves, they actually don’t give a damn where you want to go. They are riding their rick and while riding they just do the ishara of where do we want to go but by the time you tell them where, they are GONE. I actually feel they enjoy doing that

4) The F1 Racers – if you dint know, we have a lot of Racers in Mumbai who could win F1 with just their rickshaws, I’m sure you must have faced atleast one of them. For them the road is their track, Rickshaw being their racing car, pedestrian being their obstacles and we…actually I am still trying to figure that out. The day I sit in these rickshaws, the only thing I pray is “God please make me reach home safe I’m too young to die” And when I leave the rickshaw I do wish the next people ALL THE BEST!! Seriously they need it.

5) The Talketive types – I think even I’m not that talkative as they are, like OH MY GOD how can you talk sooo much, they think they have this so called gyan that they need to baatofy it which actually I do not need because I listen to that even from my parents, so seriously “bhaya ji plss yeh gyaan aap apne paas hi rakhiye” haven’t said that till date but one day im sure I will.

These are the types that I have come across till now, im sure there are more…But whatever you say till now they do rule the roads, no one can beat them & no one will.

Everyday we say this to ourselves “im never taking a rickshaw again” but no matter how irritating they can get the next day you always say this too “RICKSHAW…RICKSAW…”

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