May 5, 2015 Social Media

Learn And Get Familiar With Anthology Now

The better Facebook’s Video Ads are, the more popular they will become. The problem is, most advertisers don’t know how to make compelling short-form video for social media. Introducing Facebook’s Creative Shop and Anthology – a new group of leading video publishers, the best resource to learn from.

With the rise in video consumption on Facebook, it is imperative that the videos are relevant and of high quality. This includes videos that are being shared by brands since it helps them create greater engagement.

Question is, how do you do this?

As a brand, all you need is a perfect blend of the publisher’s creativity and Facebook’s advertising insights to create impactful campaigns and reach your business goals. For this purpose, the current Anthology network partners are offering their expertise in creativity, storytelling and the basic video know-how.

Anthology publishers are Facebook’s Marketing Partners. Therefore, you can be confident that apart from just producing video content, it is trained on how to get the most out of the Facebook platform to drive business results.

Together, Facebook’s Creative Shop and Anthology guide businesses and brands to curate advertising content that is relatable and that drives business.


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