July 2, 2012 Random Thoughts

Is There A God?

For a major part of my rational life, I have questioned the existence of a divine entity that creates, preserves and ends life for all beings. I’ve always had a technical bend of mind, which means if something does not have a logical explanation, it’s unlikely that I would believe in it.

I believe in life and the choices we make. I believe that man is mechanical. His body has certain functions which he is meant to perform. He has certain traits and through those he can excel or fail.

I do believe that there is a balance where life is followed by death, for new life to be born.

I believe in myself, in my strengths and my weaknesses.

And then…

I found myself walking a noisy street on perfectly normal Thursday night. The rain finally decided to give us some respite from the heat with its light drizzle. I was simply strolling towards home, music in my ears, almost oblivious to the world.

Thanks to the BMC and the flimsy slip-ons on my feet, I stepped into a pot-hole and slipped. This has happened before, but what was so different now?

While I am falling down, time itself decides to slow down… I see a truck speeding in my direction at least at 80 kmph. My head is in line with its head-light and I see no way out of this. I had a lovely life, too bad it had to end this way.

People often say that in face of death, your entire life flashes before your eyes. I saw my life too… and I knew this is it. This is the end of William Neelankavil.

I guess I was wrong, because there was a man. A man who was not only present at the right time, but who was also strong enough to pull me off the road. He pulls me in the nick of time; the truck hits the bag on my shoulders and passes by… I am alive!

While I am still reeling from the shock of having survived this incident, the man is gone. I vaguely remember him telling me to be careful while walking on the road. No other pedestrian at that spot. I stand there in the rain, still trying to gather my wits and figure out what happened.

I look again for my saviour. I see no one there. Just some vehicles rushing back to their homes.

Now I start to wonder. There were no pedestrians on that part of the street, where did he come from? If he had to save me in those couple of seconds he should have been standing right next to me. Given my size and weight, what are the odds of a man with that kind of strength being present at that point of time?

Pretty slim!

So I now ask again… is there a god?


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