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How to make a successful PPC campaign

A successful PPC campaign might not seem as big of a morale booster as organic results, but it is surely effective and can result in more traffic, lead generation, and conversion of visitors into potential customers. In this blog, we, as the leading PPC management company around, suggest tips on how to make a successful PPC campaign.

Digital Marketing is a realm that keeps changing as new technologies and tools come about every now and then. As a reliable digital marketing firm, we believe that adapting to new changes is the key to creating effective campaigns. Companies of all types and sizes prefer to grow with a perfect blend of organic marketing and paid marketing. PPC or Pay-Per-Click, is a paid marketing channel that almost every company has invested in, considering how instantly it can reap the results. It generates traffic, leads, and enables you to convert visitors into potential customers.

So, as a highly renowned provider of PPC services, we have to emphasize how big of a professional mistake it is, not to invest in a PPC campaign, simply because you want all your marketing results to be organic. To understand how you can make a successful PPC campaign, you have to first understand Google Adwords, i.e. the biggest PPC platform. It basically, allows you to publish Ads on Google and any other property of Google, and offers incredibly efficient tools to track their progress and measure their growth. Whenever you search for a product or brand or service, the ads that appear at the top of the results page are actually Google Ads. You can also find them on websites or social media pages. These ads are based on certain search phrases and products or services, that a particular audience is looking for.

Here are some tips that will guide you in creating a successful PPC campaign –

  • Conduct proper research
    A very basic prerequisite for a successful PPC campaign is a solid understanding of your audience. You should conduct proper research to know all about your audience’s interests, buying patterns, and how they talk about your brand as well as your competitors. In addition, research on what your competitors are doing, including what keywords they’re targeting.
  • Target the right keywords
    Making a list of relevant keywords is a process that involves thorough research, on what keywords your audience types while looking for similar products or services, what new keywords come up when you use those keywords in the search box, and flagging negative keywords that you do not want in your content. In addition, you can also include branded keywords, and then group all these keywords based on the type. So, you can ensure that all the relevant keywords are being used. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to validate your keywords, since it shows the search volume, trends, cost per click, and competitive data for each keyword. You can also include keyword suggestions that come with it.
    If you want to target a very specific audience, ensure that you do not use keywords with a high competition. The higher that is, the higher the cost per click is. When the focus is more specific, the competition also decreases, which reduces the amount required for a successful bid, thereby saving money.
  • Check the SERP layout for your targeted keyword
    Checking the SERP layout for your targeted keyword will inform you of how many ads associated with it already exist, which will show if your keyword is relevant enough or not. The organic search results will also give you a better idea of what type of content, people are more likely to consume.
  • Create engaging, high-impact content
    Leverage the space that Google provides to enhance the visibility of your page to an immense extent. Create engaging, high-impact content, including copies and Ad content, that includes keywords your audience is already using to search for products or services. The idea is to give them a solution to their query in the content itself, thereby compelling them to explore further.
  • Include contact information
    Including your contact information is a considerate act because, if the audience wants to make a purchase, they would surely want to know the contact information. Even if a user is simply making an ‘I-want-to-buy’ query, they would still want more information about the product and its price.

As a successful PPC agency in India, we can assure you that a perfect blend of successful PPC campaigns and organic marketing is the most effective way to market your brand, its products, services, or any other business updates. It will not only give you better conversion rates, but will also give you useful insights that you can bank on, to make future campaigns more impactful.

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