October 17, 2012 Random Thoughts

How to Control Anger when you work as a ‘Team’

Anger is the emotion that affects your health and destroys your relationships. It messes up good atmosphere at workplace. It is alright to get angry, but we need to learn how to express and overcome anger.

To effectively deal with your Anger at workplace, make sure you safely communicate without being harsh on your words. Sharing a few tips to deal with Anger:

1) Acknowledge your Problem: Take a deep Breath! And try to figure out the Problem. Finding out the problem is the first effective solution. Reacting on the situations can put you in mess. So stay calm and figure out a quick solution.

2) Be Quiet: Do not speak for 10 minutes. We cannot control what others say or react but, we can choose how to react. So staying quiet for a while and thinking of a solution might really help.

3) Get help: Share the problem with your colleagues. They might help you to find out a better solution. If the problem persists, there is a symptom of severe illness. In case of mood swings you should consult Doctor.

4) Talk: Be polite to the opposite person and ask specific questions. Ask questions to find out what exactly the problem is and what he/ she wants you to do. Ask for pardon if it is your mistake. I know it’s difficult, but that gets you rid of tense moments.

5) Smile: Smile and Smile wide! Let the person know you are alright. Laugh over your reaction when you are out of Anger. This really helps (I’ve tried it a zillion times)

Well, you can even pick your favorite Chocolate; Chocolates really make us feel better.

I hope this will really help Tonickers, and we can perform better as a Team..

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