August 18, 2020 Analysis, Go Digital, Marketing, Social Media

How Coronavirus has changed digital marketing

Coronavirus has changed many things around the world, and among them, digital marketing as well. Considering everyone is practicing social distancing, there have been several consumer behavioural changes, because of which marketers definitely have to redefine their marketing strategy to adapt to this new environment. As a successful digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we discuss how marketers can utilize digital marketing in these unique times.

Since the lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak began, things have changed considerably. People are practicing social distancing, thereby spending more time in their homes, taking up new things, and getting used to this new way of living. Millions of people have lost their lives, livelihood, and plenty of industries and businesses have gone through vast monetary losses. Considering such effects, it is the dire need of the hour to maintain a positive attitude and try to deal with it these immense changes.

Since the option of going out is no longer safe, people are consuming more social media and relying on broadcast, cable channels, and high-end media channels for credible information, to keep themselves updated. In order to pep up their daily lives, people are opting for escapism by consuming entertainment mediums, like gaming apps, social media platforms, and OTT platforms, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, etc. Since entertainment sources are getting more views during the lockdown, marketers should magnify the use of high-end video streaming driven by ads.

However, there are several hidden insights that smart marketers can utilize from this. We, as a reliable digital marketing agency in India, believe that there needs to be a shift in the way that digital marketing works. Instead of propagating personal interests or exploiting the current situation for higher profits, any creative agency or digital marketer needs to emanate empathy and transparency in their marketing campaigns. This can be done by addressing issues faced by people all over the country, and the world, by giving them something they can relate to.

Many businesses are promoting social distancing and public safety in their social media posts. So, marketers need to create awareness among people on how they can take care of themselves and their family members, on an individual level during the lockdown period, to help us achieve this ultimate goal of containing the virus. Besides, they should create content that not only encourages people to maintain a positive mindset, but that also reduces stress. Moreover, they can connect to NGOs and community groups on social media channels, in order to help the needy by donating funds and offering food services.

As an online marketing agency, we recommend keeping up with trends and developing interesting ideas around them to make engaging, effective marketing campaigns. Marketers can also start using paid ads, no matter how small the business is, considering paid ads are getting cheaper these days because of the increased web traffic and decreased number of advertisers. As a result of this, paid ads are generating a higher return on investment.

If you run an e-commerce business or any business that sells products or services, you can introduce convenient payment methods that decrease the financial burden customers might face. This current gesture will be etched in their memory for a long time, and would significantly make them trust you more, thereby turning them into loyal customers, post-Corona. Selflessly helping people might not enhance your conversion rates, but it would surely enhance your brand image in the long run.

Since every country has been affected differently by the outbreak, some managing to contain the virus, while some still facing the ill-effects of it, opt for international SEO. International SEO will not only help you diversify the range of areas you receive traffic from, but will also decrease your reliance on your country’s economy.

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