April 2, 2020 @Tonic, Marketing, Social Media
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Here’s why you should not stop SEO efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every industrial sector differently, which has resulted in reforming strategies and adapting to unexpected changes. However, as a reliable digital marketing firm, we realize that some organizations might think to discontinue their SEO efforts during this time, but it is definitely not! This blog explains why you should not stop SEO activities, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The world is going through an unprecedented, uncertain time right now, that no country was prepared for. The COVID-19 outbreak has spread worldwide and surely affected business across all industrial sectors, to varying degrees. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not opportunities for businesses to thrive, during this time. Since the lockdown was announced, e-commerce sites that offer essential items, health and wellness websites, recipe websites, and OTT platforms have witnessed a huge surge in traffic. What this means is that, this unfortunate pandemic has created opportunities for some industries for sure. So, being a provider of digital marketing services, we know that discontinuing your SEO efforts can be quite naive. Here are the reasons why you should reform your SEO strategy, and continue implementing it:

  1. Search Marketing can be quantified

    Consumer behavioural patterns are definitely going to change in terms of how they buy things. So, based on that, you should channelize your analysis into your Search Engine Marketing efforts, which will be targeted towards consumers who intend to purchase your product or services. You can easily gauge the effectiveness of your SEM efforts based on the success you’ve had, by analyzing lead generation. So, Search Engine Marketing is definitely going to play a big role in getting more customer engagement.

  2. People still require products and services
    There are many rumours about the Coronavirus pandemic, one of which revolves around the concept of the apocalypse. Many people view it as the beginning of the end; but seeing how successfully China managed to contain the virus, this definitely doesn’t seem to be the case. So, people still need to move on with their everyday lives, even while they are practicing social distancing, which makes it evident that they still need products or services. Considering that fact, there is still demand for certain essential products or services in the market.
  3. People search in times of undersupply
    It’s time that you capitalize on the undersupply of certain goods or services, like sanitizers or toilet paper. If your business offers goods or services that are already in short supply, you can leverage this opportunity to rank higher on search engines by continuing to implement your SEO strategy. The reason why it will definitely do wonders for your brand, is because people are going to search for products or services that are scarce or unavailable. And, if your content is SEO-driven, then it would surely appear at a higher position on search engines, which can enhance lead generation for you.
  4. Search Engine Optimization can generate revenue
    Effective SEO practices can enhance results of lead generation and customer engagement for your brand. In a time like this, businesses that still have a channel of cash flow will surely sustain or thrive. So, implementing effective SEO and SEM practices, including a successful emailer list, will surely generate more demand and attract more consumers, with an intent to purchase, thus leading to continued revenue for your business.

The most important thing that every business should consider is that, after some time, everything will get back to normal and the world will eventually reach a state of stability. That’s when all the SEO efforts that you are making right now, will come to fruition. A successful SEO campaign takes time to produce desired results and come off as effective. So, while you are going through this economic downtime, it is better to be prepared for what’s coming ahead. As a digital marketing firm, we know that if you continue running thoroughly planned SEO campaigns to minimize the losses, it will surely be a cakewalk for you to compensate, when everything becomes normal again.

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