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Here’s How an Effective Media Plan Can Change the Digital Marketing Landscape

Has traditional advertising become obsolete?

For media planners, the prompt response answer is “No”. But the complete answer is just like a relationship status update on social media – “it’s complicated!” Studies suggest that digital media buying and planning can be really effective and it certainly competes with TV, print, outdoor and other forms of mass media. According to Google, there are 300 million internet users currently in India and by 2018, the numbers are set to increase to a ginormous 600 million. There is a huge paradigm shift in digital media consumption across platforms-from mobile devices to desktop, WAP, APP, Social media, Display, Video and Search.

So how does this matter in your digital marketing efforts to ensure a real impact on your bottom line?
What happens in media planning- Your 4-step guide to the media planning and buying process:

a) Defining your media objectives

Identify your business’ overall mission/objective first – ensure that your digital marketing mission fits into your grand plan. Here digital media buying expertise plays a significant role, as it helps in identifying the problem areas and deriving strategic insights that help in devising a proper strategy.

b) Crafting a media strategy using every media touch point

Considering the key insights, media planners can help you effectively handpick the web publishers that meet your requirements. The best media planners understand that research, tools and tactics play a crucial role in crafting a 360° strategy. For example, as a marketer if you believe that establishing online influence will result in creating authentic stories for your brand, then you should opt for an influencer outreach program in your media plan. It will definitely create buzz for your brand in relevant communities.

c) Construing media tactics that incorporates media strategy 

From traditional banners, text ad links, expandable banners, video pre-roll ads, peel backs, audio ads, and more, to full interactive rich media, ensure that your online advertising campaign is an appropriate media mix. If your brand wants to expand its reach in rural markets, why not include a ‘RBT’ in your media mix? Through a ring-back tone (“RBT”), you can even reach out to the rural masses and can opt for music or other kinds of audio entertainment content, resulting in an optimum use of mobile platforms.

d) Evaluate the effectiveness of media plan

With the metrics, you will be able to properly demonstrate to their management the business effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities. This will not only help to measure performance, but will also help you gain key insights and learnings, allowing you to focus on setting the best KPIs for future campaigns.

Thus, you cannot ignore the importance of media planning expertise. Like they say, behind every launch is a successful online advertising strategy that ultimately helps you achieve your marketing objectives.


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