May 26, 2015 Social Media

#Hashtag Like A #Champ – Here’s How!

Simply put, hashtag is a filter for online chatter; it is used to categorize messages. Which is why what comes after that little symbol is so important. In social marketing, some of the campaigns have relied completely on a hashtag. This has helped them spread their message to a wide audience. #ShareACoke by Coca Cola is a brilliant example of that.

Share a Coke 2014 by numbers:

  • Over a thousand names on Coke bottles
  • 998 million impressions on Twitter
  • 235,000 tweets from 111,000 fans using the #ShareaCoke hashtag
  • More than 150 million personalised bottles sold
  • Over 730,000 glass bottles personalised via the e-commerce store
  • 17,000 virtual name bottles shared online across Europe
  • 65 experiential stops on the Share a Coke tour

Here are a couple of ways you can craft that perfect hashtag for your next campaign.

Share a coke campaign                                          Keep it simple!

Always keep your users in mind. It should clearly communicate what it is and why should someone use it. The beauty of some of the most famous and popular hashtags was that they were uncomplicated. Andrew Cunningham, Social Lead at Huge aptly puts it:

(In a box) “It used to be essential to create an entirely unique, branded and ‘ownable’ hashtag in order to cut through the clutter in social. But today, it makes more sense to simply make it as seamless as possible for users, while at  the same time limiting the character count so as not to take up too much valuable tweet space.”

Don’t Shy Away From Experimenting

It is important to keep your hashtags simple and uncomplicated but that doesn’t imply that you cannot be innovative. After all, you do have to break the clutter. Take a cue from the language your users are using while keeping your brand voice in the picture. Be funny, irreverent, delightful with your hashtag. It’s all about having fun.

Get Familiar With Your Audience

All this depends on what you exactly want to convey. Hashtags can work for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

  • A cool way to communicate new ideas
  • Kickstart a campaign
  • Serve as a gateway to more information about your brand

Take advantage of general popular trends to reach out to new audiences. It helps you in conversing with your audience and boosts engagement. However,understand and evaluate before jumping into a pre-existing hashtag.

Know When Not To Join In

While it is enticing to jump into the trends and converse with your audience in real time, sometimes it is best for brands to stay away. Take for instance the DiGiorno Pizza fiasco where the brand tweeted with the hashtag #WhyIStayed completely oblivious that the hashtag was around domestic violence.


Hashtag campaigns play a crucial role in your social media marketing campaigns. Use them wisely to get the most out of them. (Tweet if you agree).

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