December 28, 2012 Go Digital

Google to take on the big 3

With G+, Google competed with Facebook last year and now the giant is on it’s way to compete directly with Apple and Microsoft, considering to sell its merchandise. It is rumoured that Google is bracing itself to jump into the retail paradise and ultimately compete with Amazon. The company is however denying it. The top 3 reasons why the flames are flying high:

1. Google Shopping site appears as if the company is in full preparations.

2. The company filed a plan to open a retail store at it’s headquarters in Dublin.

3. Early this year, the company launched a small retail set up called ‘Chrome Zone’ which is located within a store in London.



Going back a little in the tech history, Apple began to lure it’s early customers through a small store in Washington too. So will it be right to say the retail destiny of the two brands can emerge as one through a common past. Waiting to Watch.



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