May 26, 2015 Content

Google Plus’ New ‘Collections’ Feature Turns Users Into Content Curators

Imitation is the best form of flattery and Google Plus is a staunch believer of that. The company’s social networking service has been criticized for resembling to its competitor Facebook. However, Google+ has been working hard in expanding its feature set. It’s recent move is Collections – A Pinterest inspired feature whereby users will be able to build content collections based on topics and interest that they like.

Users of G+ can create collections and these can be shared with the general public, privately, or with certain specific users. Google plus explains this launch stating it came from observing user behaviour on the platform. The users were connecting around their shared interests and wanted a better way to organise these interests.

The upside of Collections is its personalized touch. They’re built by individuals who establish their authority on or a passion for a particular project. So far, early testers have created collections on topics like How-To’s, Video Games, Motivation, Tools and Hacks, Inspirations and more.

Indeed it is something worth looking forward to, as it should make it much easier to find conversations in topics that actually matter to us..

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