September 30, 2009 Content

Get Yer Text Right!

As some famous and by-now dead writer wrote, “A text is a text is a text”; What he meant by it and the implications that followed his statement are still debated hotly till-date! And are of very little or no consequence to the following post.(Forgive my digression)

However when writing Online content one must keep in mind that “a text is a text is a text!”, also that all the “text” written should be “Concise”. If I were to offer Content Writing tips to aspiring and bored-as-hell content writers world over, I would offer the following golden nuggets, in exactly the same order mentioned below (Change the order and you will be cursed with the ‘unable to write concise articles’ curse) :-

•    First things first, the sitting arrangement, DO, sit beside a good non-aggressive content Editor while writing your content! It helps immensely when there is someone to sort through your daily wordly jumbles.
•    Secondly, remember whenever you write online content, use a lot of headlines or paragraphs! No one likes to read through your ‘thesis’, especially if your trying to tell them about the benefits of Health Insurance or Beaches!
•    Thirdly, Stick to the ‘Keywords’, whenever writing online content, it is necessary to adhere to the keywords as they make the content much more relevant and help the site in page rankings! (And upto a certain level, cover up for your silly grammatical errors, Just saying)
•    Fourthly, break up your content (read long essays) into meaningful and logical blocks of text! People have a worrisome tendency of getting intimidated whenever presented with large blocks of text with no white spaces between!
•    Don’t beat around the bush! Get to the point early on in the article, (helps to keep it concise) it wont help your case one bit if you write about the history of  papyrus when your writing an article about an Ink manufacturing company.

If you are still reading this , its because of the bullets! Remember ‘CONCISE’

•    Research my dear friend, Research before you begin writing! It helps if you know the ‘head and tail’ of your subject before you put finger to the keyboard ( read – pen to paper)
•    Lastly avoid the Over use of Adjectives, because ‘frozen’ is not different from ‘very very frozen’. Really!.

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