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Five fundamental rules for effective SEO-friendly content

Content is one of the most important aspects of your brand image. How your customers perceive your brand has a lot to do with how well written and engaging your content is, including copywriting, website content, and blogs. As a reliable curator of high-end content, we present this blog with five fundamental rules that everyone should follow to create effective SEO-friendly content.

While making a website for your brand or running a digital marketing campaign for your brand, one of the most important things that come into play is content. As a reliable SEO company in Mumbai, we can assure you that good, effective, SEO friendly content is one of the driving forces behind how your brand is perceived by your audience. It should be engaging and SEO friendly, which means it should not only resonate with your customers’ interests and preferences, but also impress search engines. The former will ensure that your content intrigues readers, while the latter will ensure that it ranks among the top search results on Google.

People you wish to connect with, will search for products or services related to your brand, whenever they intend to buy something. If your content strategy is unique, gripping, and SEO friendly, it should appear on the very first page of search results to them, preferably as high as possible. With our vast experience of providing varied organizations with effective SEO services, we have witnessed that this definitely increases the probability of them consuming your content and turning into potential customers. So, we give you some fundamental rules here that you should follow while creating any SEO content for your brand: 

  1. Give them something original Understanding your competition and observing what your competitors are doing, is surely important to get a solid idea of what’s trending and what isn’t, within your industry. However, it is also equally important to ensure that your content consists of a unique perspective, useful new insights, and vocabulary that your customers find refreshing and relatable. Even Google rewards you with better rankings, when your content is engaging and original. This can be done only if you have a solid understanding of what your audience likes, and how they talk about products or services linked to your brand. So, analyze your audience’s likes and dislikes and tap into their emotions, to give them a valuable experience.
  2.  Use the right mix of keywords As a highly renowned SEO agency in Mumbai, we believe that conducting thorough keyword research, choosing the right keywords, and then using them with the right density in content is crucial, when it comes to SEO friendly content. Without the right mix of keywords, your content cannot achieve good ranking on search engines. It is essential for you to consider using a particular keyword that represents the topic, curate a list of secondary keywords that you prefer, and use keywords with long phrases. Also, it is important that you try to avoid keywords with high search volumes as much as possible, because the chances of your content ranking high for those keywords are relatively low.
  3. Make it more readable Readability is something that you cannot shrug off, just because it does not directly affect your ranking on search engines; but because it surely affects one’s perception of your brand. If users don’t find your content readable and easy to consume, they are most likely to skip it and jump onto another brand’s website. This has as much to do, with how beautifully and creatively you present your content. It should not only have the language that your customers usually talk in, which means simple and crisp, but also have short sentences. Other than this, adding relevant and high-end images, formatting it nicely, and proofreading your content to make the right changes, are also key factors in making it aptly readable and a treat for their eyes.
  4. Optimize your headings When someone searches for a product or service, they mostly see the results that appear on the first page, and click on the one that is most intriguing to them. The intrigue that we are referring to, usually lies in the title or heading of your page. It’s the first thing users notice. So if your heading is not optimized and does not have that appeal, they are more likely to ignore it and move on to the next one. Ensure that your heading consists of a keyword that doesn’t look forced and adds value to it. To find the best heading, the ideal way is to brainstorm all variations for the same heading, and then, finalize the one that your audience will connect with most.
  5. Enhance user experience User experience is not just about the design of your website. It is also dependent on how you present the content on your webpages. So, it is important to keep your audience and their interests in mind, while enhancing the user experience. Other than creating content that adds value to the user experience on your website, it is equally essential to get their attention by making your content revolve around a central theme. Your readers want to know the gist of your brand the moment they start reading about it, and that gist itself should intrigue them immensely. So, ensure your content has complete transparency and relevancy.These rules can take your content to a level of excellence. It will not only improve the way people perceive your brand, but will also become a determinant of how unique your brand image is. Search Engine Optimization helps your content to emanate a higher sense of relevancy, by making it rank higher on search engines; but once that’s achieved, it should surely keep readers engaged and give them an experience they cannot find anywhere else. So, as a leading SEO service provider in Mumbai, we can confidently say that effective SEO-friendly content will give you a competitive edge, only if you optimize it the right way.

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