June 8, 2012 Random Thoughts


Every veteran writer scoffs at clichés. ‘Avoid them like the plague’ they say. However, nothing better than a cliché to describe what took over me when I got my first job, I was on cloud 9. Perhaps from all the first experiences that we hold dear in life, our first job holds the most sentimental value. For me it is the foundation where I see myself laying building blocks of my career and my life ahead.

I landed a job as a content writer, giving me a chance to bathe in the light of language and experience the delight of playing with words. From the very beginning the media blitzkrieg enticed me. My passion for language and writing drives me to carve a niche for myself in the domain. The idea of embarking on my professional life filled me with anxiety, apprehension and excitement .

I envisioned my first job to be a real test of my creativity. I wanted to metamorphose into a sponge and absorb every piece of advice imparted to me. I could already sense a feeling of belongingness, attachment and possessiveness towards it. I looked for different creative jobs through different forums and had my heart’s string plug each time. I prepped myself for interviews. I did not have to wait very long, as soon I was hired as a content writer at ‘Rightcopywriter”.

I had seen many people in movies overtaken by immense excitement when they got their first job. I felt an instant connection to those characters. The joy on embarking on my professional life quadrupled when I shared the news with family and friends. The congratulations and the happy murmurs will always be vivid in my memories and supply me with an incessant encouragement to work under the toughest circumstances.

I felt the rush teenage girls do while selecting their outfit for their first date. With much deliberation I put my outfit together and stepped out of the house showered with blessings and motivational speeches feeling an inexplicable positivity towards my first job. It isn’t very often that reality strikes a perfect chord with vision but my first job infused me with an instant sense of solidarity. My first job has indeed redefined emotion and happiness for me. I am laying the bricks to build my castle and nurse my dreams.


… The Beginning ….

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