April 13, 2015 Social Media

Facebook’s Buy Button – The Next Big Thing?

Through the Buy Button, users can complete a transaction while staying in Facebook. Marketers are already excited about the possibilities.

Facebook has a new feature and businesses will like it. The social network is planning to introduce its very own ‘Buy Button’. With this new and exciting call-to-action feature, rather than clicking away to a merchant’s site, Facebook will let you complete the entire purchase within the site, which could boost conversion rates.

While Facebook doesn’t take a percentage of sales transacted (at least, not yet), adding an e-commerce component could attract advertisers who want a more tangible return-on-investment from their social media efforts than just likes, comments and shares.

Even if someone doesn’t complete the transaction after clicking Buy, advertisers can know that the user is interested in making a purchase of that particular product, and they can target them with ads for that specific item.

Well… Thanks, Facebook!.

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