July 16, 2015 Social Media

Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Gif support

It’s finally here.

Facebook now has workable GIF support. Yes, this means you can now post GIFs on to Facebook and what’s more, they show up on the mobile app as well.

Back in the day, Facebook supported GIFs. But the function was disabled around a decade ago. And now, a decade later, it is back – all new and improved. Read on:

Links work, not direct uploads:

For a GIF to successfully work, you need to paste the link in your status update section. Uploading a GIF directly will result in a playable GIF.

The GIF links need to end in *.gif:

Make sure you are using the complete GIF URL from Giphy or else you could end up with a regular embed feature that needs you to load the GIF  in another window.

Facebook Admins, read this before you start making gifs – it works on mobile but not on Facebook pages, yet:

GIF links you upload can be viewed on mobile as well – the latest version of the iPhone app supports GIFs. However, GIFs are only for personal profiles at the moment and do not seem to work on brand pages just yet.

But of course, these are still teething days and there are sure to be additions soon which will allow brands to use this feature on their pages making it possible for brands to share even more engaging content, hopefully in the near future..

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