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Voice Search Optimization Agency in India

How to ensure successful voice search optimization

Voice search has gained a lot of attention over the past few years, especially because of the convenience that comes with it. It amounts to a very significant number of searches performed on search engines today. Here, we share some tips on how you can ensure successful voice search optimization for your brand.

The fact that we have multiple search engines today to get comprehensive information, about anything, be it a product, service or just a topic we want to explore in detail, to ensure accurate information, is a sign of how essential this has become. For the same reason, all businesses constantly make efforts to enhance the experience they offer, and make it as hassle-free as possible for their consumers. This pretty much explains why voice search has gained so much traction and why it is estimated to become the real deal in future, for businesses as well as agencies offering SEO services.

In 2013, Google introduced a revolutionary change in its algorithm, called ‘Hummingbird’, which laid emphasis on the contextual meaning and intent behind the terms used in searches. The idea was to enhance the accuracy of results with semantic searches. And, that is where voice search comes into play. It’s easier and faster to perform voice searches, and usually, they involve the use of conversational words and long-tail question keywords. Today, voice searches constitute a considerable number of searches on mobiles as well as desktops. And, most voice searches are for regional content. So, there is a need to understand how your target audience talks about your services or products or the dynamics involved in the language they use. Since any business would want its content to appear higher on search engines, optimizing their website for voice search requires some changes in their SEO strategies.

Here is what you can do, to ensure successful voice search optimization:

  • Keep it mobile friendly
    Today, over 20% of searches on mobile phones are actually voice searches, especially when asking for directions, making calls, or finding locations. Since many people, especially adults or teens, perform voice searches on their phones, it is quite essential to make your website mobile-friendly from the SEO perspective.
  • Answer your audience’s queries in content
    Voice searches have a lot to do with question-based keywords. If you create content, be it blogs, articles or FAQs, that shows how profound your understanding of your target audience is, you would be able to answer their queries within the content. So, focus on question keywords while creating such content.
  • Use natural language and long-tail keywords
    People are using voice searches more and more as time passes. The use of long-tail keywords and normal language is also increasing, which explains why it is increasingly important for an SEO agency or a brand to understand the language that their customers use. So, try to understand the language of your audience, so that you can incorporate your learnings in the content. And, find out what long-keywords are relevant to your brand, so you can target them in long-form content.
  • Create short/ crisp and easy to read content
    Google prefers content results to be short and easy to read. The crisper your content is, the better! So, if you are able to answer a user’s query in less than 30 words, it would surely benefit your brand and make it appear higher on search engines. Now, you cannot create a blog of only 30 words; so, this is where FAQs play a vital role. Create an FAQs page with as many versions of similar questions as possible, using all relevant keywords.
  • Make efforts to appear in featured snippets
    From Google’s perspective, it is very important to ensure your content appears in the featured snippets, related to the query. Google reads the answer that appears in the featured snippet; so, if you rank higher in featured snippets, your content would be more likely, to be read.Other than these, you can also consider using advanced strategies, such as using filler keywords like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘to’, and ‘for’ in question keywords, enhancing your website’s loading speed, and optimizing your video results. Voice search is powered by artificial intelligence, and is also driven by the role that digital/ virtual assistants play. So, it has become essential to opt for voice search optimization. The increasing focus on voice searches is also making it more of a necessity. The trend is surely not slowing down anytime soon; in fact, it is going to be more significant and incredibly helpful in future.

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