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Impact of Corona on Digital Media Agency

How to ensure recovery and avoid stress, during self-isolation

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in self-isolation for those who are infected with the virus. Considering the abundance of misinformation online, panic surrounding the virus, and the sudden change of environment, anyone in self-isolation is likely to get anxious. In this blog, we, as a reliable digital media agency in India, give tips on how to ensure a good recovery during self-isolation.


What does it mean to be self-isolated?

To combat the Coronavirus outbreak, many people who are sick, with symptoms like shortness of breath, high fever, cold, or fatigue, are asked to go into self-isolation to separate themselves from other people. It enables them to recover without affecting others. So, people infected with the virus should isolate themselves until the risk of transmission is minimized as much as possible, which is a call taken by healthcare authorities.


Difference between self-isolation and social distancing?

Self-isolation should not be confused with social distancing. Social distancing is, basically, the idea of exclusively avoiding public places to reduce the risk of infection. It brings the possibility of human contact close to zero. Considering the worries surrounding this pandemic, many people have chosen social distancing as a safety precaution.


Difference between self-isolation and quarantine?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone is put in a quarantine to restrict their movement, if they have either been in contact with an officially infected COVID-19 patient or been in an infected area. It enables healthcare professionals to observe and regulate the symptoms, if there are any, and eliminate the possibility of transmission at the same time. Anyone who is asked to be quarantined should stay home and avoid human contact for 2 weeks. However, in case of self-isolation, the patient is already infected, so they separate themselves from other people, in order to minimize its spread and recover at the same time.


Here are the things you should definitely do, if you are in self-isolation: 

  1. Stay in your house.
  2. Stay away from animals.
  3. Wear a high-end mask.
  4. Do not share anything with others.
  5. Wash your hands on a regular basis, for at least 20 seconds each time.
  6. Clean your room, surfaces or objects with disinfectant daily.
  7. Keep your immune system healthy, eat healthy, and keep yourself well-hydrated.
  8. Observe the symptoms and listen to your body.


Other than the accompanying feeling of boredom during self-isolation, the pandemic can also lead to mental stress and anxiety. Along with the panic among many people worldwide, there is also discomfort with the idea of being alone. Biologically, stress is a clear representation of the fact that our body is striving for safety. So, it is a normal response in a time like this. However, there are many things you can do, to keep yourself relaxed and get rid of stress and anxiety:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Give your body enough rest (more than 7 hours per night)
  3. Be in touch with your family and friends on the phone
  4. Keep yourself entertained, by listening to music or watching movies/ TV shows
  5. Opt for detoxification
  6. Avoid alcohol
  7. Eat healthy


There have been many rumours regarding the virus due to too much misinformation online. So, refer to other credible sources, before believing anything you read online. Ensure you are not misinformed, by checking the facts provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As a considerate, reliable digital media agency in India, Tonic Media has taken all possible precautions to ensure safety of our employees during this period of uncertainty, which are as follows:

  1. Working remotely from home, with diligent preparation and contingency planning to ensure business as usual.
  2. Skype/ Telephonic meetings only.
  3. Suspension of inter country/ state/ city travel.


Corona se na daro, bas safe raho!

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