September 12, 2012 Social Media

Discover why artists love Pinterest

Getting started on Pinterest is quick and easy. Once you’ve set up your account, it is simple to drive traffic back to your product. There are huge marketing and branding possibilities for Pinterest users.


The kind of inspiration Pinterest can serve is unimaginable! It is full of visual delight and can be a great escape to the world of beautiful imagery and alluring pages. An artist’s mind will be more than delighted while getting lost within the pages of this image driven social networking website.

Clutter free

Creative energy attracts collection. A lot of it. Collection of magazine clippings, photographs, articles and a whole lot of physical files. Pinterest takes everything virtual and makes it more meaningful with descriptions et all. The numerous virtual boards and pins entice you to another level.

Easy sharing

Pin it, share it, follow. Repeat. In that order. So much sharing and re-pinning happens on Pinterest as it serves as an easy medium to display your work. Whether it is targeted at designers, prospective customers, companies or even fellow artists, your work will receive multiple eyeballs. Pinning directly from a blog or website can help you link back to the original source.


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