October 15, 2012 Design

Digitalizing my World

Amazing how design can involve so many different things just by changing a word. I spent almost 4 years of my live working in print design and one day I just said, “Ok, let’s try something else!” Now after 5 months of working in digital there is still so much I need to learn.

I’m a graphic designer so I know how many directions your career can take. I chose print because for some reason I love to see my work materialize in a brochure, billboard, products, stands, etc. But it was time for a change and by change I mean making a big CHANGE in my life. I not only modified my “graphic design” title but went ahead and gave “project management” a chance and also paved my way through digital design. I thought, why not put some spice by coming to Mumbai and do it all.

Five months in the city, learning my way through digital advertising and understanding Indian people; it can be a little too much to process but I have managed to survive. Yes, survive, Mumbai is definitely not the easiest city I’ve been in, and even Indians not from Mumbai will agree with me, but well, here we are so we have to enjoy the ride and what comes along with it.

There are so many different terms for print and digital design. Overall design has the same basics, but how the elements work in each field have their unique characteristics. It is not the same designing for a billboard than for an application. How viewers interact in each one is completely different.

In a quick overview… after the design is done, you must consider all that goes after it. So I know about the margins for prints, color separation, paginate a book, paper materials, finishing, among others. Now I had to learn about friendly navigation menu, screen size, browser compatibility, and let’s not go into details with coding… HTML is something I’m a little bit familiar… but then there is PHP, CMS, JavaScript, JQuery and for now that’s enough for me. I can pronounce the names but as far as what they do exactly… I will leave that to the coders. I wonder how they don’t get confuse or dizzy with all those codes, one misplace letter and the page just throws you and error.

At least is so much easier to fix website errors (design or coding). If something is wrong the page goes offline, you fix it and then back online (or at least it seems that way to me), the only thing you and the client pray is that no one has seen it. Making a print error will cost you the print work again and that’s not fun. So you can only pray to have a written approval from the client so then the cost will run on them.

I like being on “the other side” of the work, giving the orders instead of receiving them. Trying to keep everything in control and on time (hard work), dealing with another culture and different pronunciation (yes! Sometimes it’s hard to understand the Indian English and I guess it goes the other way around. Especially on the phone). But I have to admit I miss design from time to time. Too much of answering emails and been structure and organize can me boring if there is no design and creativity around. For now the experience is awesome, I’m learning the hard way. Mixing the culture and new job description gives me a challenge to overcome each day. After all that’s what I was looking so I found it..

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