December 27, 2013 Design
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Design Trends 2014: Effective Simplicity

The first thing that any user sees is the design. Therefore, a well thought-out design can make or break a campaign or a communication strategy.

Unravelling the latest design trends for the year 2014.

A Flat design

A trend that is expected to rise in 2014 is the adoption of a flat design, bringing minimalism to the fore-front.

Say goodbye to eye-popping gradients or shadows.

Strong focus on colour: More and more designers are starting to abandon overused tones such as ‘corporate blues’ or ‘metallic chromes’, and are adopting fresh shades like limes, greens, lilacs, purples, etc.



One of the most important factors of a good design is the Typography. 2014 is expected to see its own share of exciting and interesting trends.


Flat Design Typography: The rise of the flat design is expected to continue in 2014. Increasingly, designers are preferring function over form. 2014 will be about minimalism, with emphasis on clean lines and even strokes.


Large Fonts: As designers are expected to concentrate on functionality more than anything, we predict large fonts will be a staple for a good design. Raising the font size will quickly and effectively communicate the purpose of the website.


Improved parallax scrolling

In 2014, the scrolling pattern will be something to lookout for. People are increasingly accessing websites on their phones or tablets, which has caused users to scroll their screens a lot more. Hence, web designers are finding smart ways to de-clutter the content on web pages effectively, so that the users can scroll the content with ease, without the website losing its true essence.


Logos with depth

Rather than simple logos, brands will prefer logos that have more depth in meaning, that can encompass the integrity of the brand.




It is a time when products are becoming SMART; the channels, tools, devices available are multiplying, and there is an influx of information and messaging. So, it is a time when we need to communicate clearly, and simplicity happens to be one of the most powerful tools to convey your thoughts and feelings..

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