February 3, 2009 @Tonic

Read Further At Your Own Risk Beware

Have you ever done a life threatening job? I am doing one such job right now.. I am supposed to endorse our pyaara netaji a.k.a D.C. Rather than writing about this guy, I am more thoughtful on what not to write.. be it “I fly low..” or “Krav Maga”.. he is a master of all..Apart from the fun side of Prem, there is a core which nobody can ignore, Prem is more like the ball of energy which takes the needed shape at the right moment, it can be the shape of ball of fire, or the shape of a charming businessman, or an avid rocker or an even more hardcore politician… LOL!  (No comments on that one please).

For him, nothing is good unless its crazy.. so by default the ideas coming out of him are totally crazy.. he loves to be a total mallu dude.. and hates gujjus.. but is smart enough to hang around them and make oodles of money.. hehehe..

two specific DONTS with him.. DONT offer him a burger (he might show violent tendencies reserved for the institutionalized) .. DONT offer him a mojito (unless you want to go broke over his bill)..

Whatever we say, we are proud to be associated with him..
DC Zindabad!!.

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