October 27, 2020 Analysis, Content

Copywriting mistakes that you should avoid

When you create a copy for your social media post or a banner on your website’s homepage or your campaign’s landing page, you are, basically, engaging with your audience, with the ultimate intent to pique their attention to such an extent that they end up exploring it further. This is exactly why brilliant copywriting can not only give your brand a unique voice, but can also enhance your conversion rate by turning interested visitors into potential consumers.

However, when you underestimate the power of copywriting by thinking of it as just a random combination of a few words, you tend to make silly errors that are bound to make your copy bland and ineffective. So, as a reliable content writing agency in India, we list some common copywriting mistakes that one should definitely avoid:

  1. Making copy too long
    When your copy is too long, it doesn’t grab the reader’s attention anyway because the average attention span these days is too short. So, if you want to engage your audience in this chaotic world of information, keep your copy short and crisp.
  2. Not using relevant SEO keywords
    Google loves if your content does not have repetitive phrases, and even understands that certain words can have similar meanings. So, always try to use variations of the main keyphrase. It would not only make the text more readable and pleasant to the eyes, but also improve your SEO ranking for the relevant keyword variations on search engines.
  3. Not adding a Call-To-Action line
    A call to action line is required to guide visitors and tell them what they should do next, thereby triggering an immediate response. So, if your copy includes a proper call to action that one can follow, it is bound to be more effective and impactful.
  4. Ignoring the user’s perspective
    When you pay too much attention to the amount of satisfaction your copy brings to the so-called intellectual writer in you and stop focusing on the user’s perspective, you fail to provide a copy that your audience can relate to. A good copy not only engages users by addressing a problem or dilemma, but also offers a solution. So, it is important to keep the user’s perspective in mind, while writing any copy.
  5. Not keeping copy readable
    No matter how good your copy is, if it is not readable or badly-formatted, or unpleasant on the eyes, it will not create the effect it is supposed to have, on the user. So, always ensure that you read your copy once you have written it, and ensure that it is easy on the eyes.
  6. Not leaving space for curiosity
    Certain types of messages can be communicated quite effectively by ensuring that the copy makes readers curious. It should keep them intrigued enough to get curious about the details of the product, offer, or the message itself, which is exactly why call-to-action lines are so effective. Ensure that you leave some space for curiosity, as and when possible.
  7. Opting for all possible practices
    Trying all possible practices, hoping eventually some of them might work, is a little amateurish. So, as a renowned company offering content writing services worldwide, we would like you to understand that it is important to figure out which practices are apt for the response you wish to trigger.
  8. Relying on assumptions
    Try not to sound presumptuous in your copy because that may not go down well with your audience. This is exactly why it is essential to conduct thorough consumer research, including research on behavioural and buying patterns, before you begin writing your copy, so it sounds credible and honest.

There are other tips that we can give you, e.g. avoid typical phrases, avoid overuse of exclamation marks, and avoid adding adjectives just to showcase your expertise. In a nutshell, all you have to ensure is that you don’t make the mistakes mentioned above, and keep your copy simple, direct and precise.

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