October 1, 2010 Content

Coffee Writing

A beautiful blend of coffee powder, milk and a bit of sugar – that’s a revival to dead content.

Every writer is showered (or I daresay blessed) with writing umpteen posts and articles every day. Quality – a compromise?

A clients project just seems like a ‘parcel from the devil’ put into your lap. No sooner then it dawns upon you that your copy is suffering from a creative-breakdown. When did mediocre writing step in? Don’t worry; you did not realize that happening. Now what?

Well, get your hands off the keyboard and yourself up from your seat. Destination – coffee machine! After the taste of this infamous brunette beverage, I bet your mind will feel the warm air of creativity settling upon your frozen grey cells. Wait. Keep sipping. Let it settle down in the system.

Now march on like a soldier to your desk, charged to take on the project your have with your new arsenal. Suddenly your creative ammo seems unlimited and good to go and gradually the copy forming into something marvelous.

Was it the coffee that led to your newly found ideating process? Or just your hidden imagination that needed to surface again.

I’ll leave the speculation for you. I need to get back to my coffee..

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