December 12, 2013 Analysis, Marketing
Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Content 2020 : Liquid Storytelling

Being one of the world’s most valuable brands, Coca-Cola raises its own benchmark every year by showcasing some of the most inspiring, engaging and innately creative marketing strategies.

This advertising genius of Coca-Cola comes after an exhaustive analysis, a detailed strategy and adequate contemplation.

The beverage giant released its content 2020 vision a few years ago , which gives us some spectacular insights into the company’s creative working, and an assurance that they will continue making waves for years.

Let’s sneak a peek, shall we?

Liquid Content

The 2020 vision rests on achieving content excellence. Coca-Cola which is creating content that is both liquid (stories expressed through every possible connection), and linked (meets business objectives).

Make it about people

Coca-Cola has recognized that ‘people’ are key to the success of the brand, as well as the company. They believe that they will achieve true success, only when the user-generated content will outnumber the stories.

It starts and ends with storytelling

For the past 80 years, Coca-Cola has excelled in storytelling. And they continue to make storytelling, the essence of their brand, as they focus on five major points.

  • Serial Storytelling

  • Multi-faceted Storytelling

  • Spreadable Storytelling

  • Immersion and Discovery Storytelling

  • Engagement through Storytelling

Emotion = Engagement

Coca-Cola is a brand that has an emotional connect with its audience. Every campaign they do, every advertisement they make and every route they take, has it’s main focus on portraying the world as a better place. Positivity being the overall theme has managed to tug strings in people’s hearts.

70/20/10 Rule: Analysing their own content and drawing an algorithm, Coca-Cola concluded the 70/20/10 content where 70% is dedicated to safe content, which can assure appreciation and engagement from their consumers, 20% content dedicated towards innovations that will definitely work well for the brand and finally 10% content dedicated to high-end risk, where they try new strategies.

The 20-20 Content Strategy was a new plot created to raise their unparalleled genius. Coca-Cola being one such company that is looked up to for new innovations in technology and consumer satisfaction, showed the word what “liquid” content can do.


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