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2020 has been quite a year – unique, unusual, unprecedented to say the least – for a variety of reasons… the most obvious one, of course – Coronavirus! People all over the world had to face the unexpected reality of the sudden COVID-19 outbreak with 2,240,000 searches. Rumour-mills ran rampant with fake news (40,500 searches) […]

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When it comes to creating effective marketing campaigns, what matters most is how thoroughly and intricately you’ve understood your audience. Studying or analyzing consumer behaviour involves various tasks, which includes understanding how they choose between multiple options, how they talk about your product category, how they feel about other options, and what are their preferred […]

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Let’s have some fun with fashion within the confines of professional appropriateness. Here’s the mad men’s fashion guide for all you advertisers. Like they say, your “presentation” matters

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Woman, think big. The world is waiting for you to shine. Lose your inhibitions and put on a confident smile. With a bag full of hopes, travel the world, For every land needs your experience and a story to be told. Henry Miller said that only three things could be done with a woman – […]

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Music Is Life

It’s better to burn out than to fade away. These words of Kurt Cobain have changed many minds and in turn many lives. Often people ask me what’s my ultimate goal in life, and get shocked with my response to it. All I want is to travel the world in search of good music.

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I am sincerely grateful to a police constable and Winston Churchill for giving me the inspiration to write this blog post. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 had warned us about the crisis of the common man if India received Independence.

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A Salute to an old Love!

Bliss is rather subjective as a concept. It’s that feeling which leaves no room for pain or negativity. It’s being content and truly happy, no filters, in that moment. Bliss is pure, uncomplicated happiness.

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Meri Pyaari Society!

Log kehete hai mere dadaji aur pitaaji ko tune apne pyaar ke jaal mein phasaya tha aur aaj main bhi tera deewana hu. Aaj mujhe woh din yaad hai jab mere dadaji ne pehli bar tujhse milaya tha. Kitna chota sa tha mein.Maine ne socha nahi tha ek hi din mein itna gehra rishta bann […]

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Anger is the emotion that affects your health and destroys your relationships. It messes up good atmosphere at workplace. It is alright to get angry, but we need to learn how to express and overcome anger. To effectively deal with your Anger at workplace, make sure you safely communicate without being harsh on your words. […]

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“The fight doesnt end when you fall, the fight ends when you refuse to get up.” – Anonymous boxing quote. Ever since the inception of the human race, conflict and fighting has always been a part of everything we ever did. Some things we fight for and some things we fight off. There’s always a […]

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Unlike your conceptions, this piece of literature is more about pav bhaji than human emotions and sentiments. The human breed can vaguely be classified into two categories. The first kind, who adores pav bhaji and gives it the respect it deserves, and the second kind, who doesn’t give a shit about it.

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The road is for those, who love it more than the destination. There is a peace in travelling that only a pilgrim understands. It’s not for everybody, though I do believe everyone should try it. It’s not always safe, but no more dangerous than a monotonous life.

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