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Have you ever wondered, how some of your friends bag an offer from reputed companies, even when the job market appears stagnant? Well, you can certainly blame it on the social contacts, that they network with, mainly through Facebook and Twitter.

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Music Is Life

It’s better to burn out than to fade away. These words of Kurt Cobain have changed many minds and in turn many lives. Often people ask me what’s my ultimate goal in life, and get shocked with my response to it. All I want is to travel the world in search of good music.

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One More Shot Of Tonic

The past month has been very eventful and fun at Tonic Media, as we celebrated 3 big occasions back-to-back.

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While scouting for a collection of things around the world in office, I found 9 amazing things. Our international Tonickers have left behind their impression from various home countries.    

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To my dearest….

You have mesmerized generations. And, I wasn’t any exception. Your charms bewitched many, including me. I remember the day when I first met you. I was young. Oh so naive. Our first meeting had me addicted to you. And as you can see, I am yet to recover.

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Title translation – “Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe”, Panama’s nickname If you know where America is, and that actually is divided in North, Central and South (at least that’s how I learn it], you are closer to know where I’m from.

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All the jazz!

Tonic oozes with so much style everyday, it has become an essential part of the tonic culture! This post is to highlight the awesomeness of Tonic with vibrant patterns, bright colours, jazzy accessories et all. Fashion @ Tonic inspires us, motivate us and keeps us spilling the famous tonic.

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