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Snap Map – a harmless new fun feature or a stalker’s delight?

Well, the internet is here to stay, and with it are smartphones, and with smartphones, are the apps. The rules of social media have begun to change, with platforms trying to compete with each other to win the attention of users for longer time-spans. That said, a large part of your peer group is already either investing in it, or is making a living out of it.

One survey proved that most millennials tap on social media apps on their smartphones in the morning, before they even touch their toothbrushes! While the idea of connecting with the world from the comfort of your couch is all hale and hearty, security experts globally have been nervously chewing on their finger-nails in anticipation of the next big hack.

If you’ve been reading the history of the internet over the last two decades, you already know that hackers come, disrupt and go. They make financial houses crumble, government secrets spill, and celebrities blush. But it isn’t these exceptionally skilled hackers we’re worried of, it’s the social stalkers. They’re individuals, just like you and I, who haven’t come to terms with social boundaries, privacy concerns and cyber etiquette.

A seasoned social stalker will dive deep, look for ways to learn more about you, dig deeper into your whereabouts, your routine and everything you might consider to be a little too personal to share. And unsurprisingly so, this obsession can turn into something a little unhealthier. Which brings us to Snapchat’s fancy Snap Map feature, which has been around for a couple of months now. Snapchat thinks it’s harmless for the app to constantly track your movements, and allow your followers to know exactly where you are, with a simple pinch and zoom on the app’s camera mode itself, parents.

On the other hand, parents, whistle-blower organizations and educational institutions as well, have raised concerns about privacy and safety.   

The Snap Map shares your location in real-time, displaying the same to your friends and everyone else following you on the app. While Snapchat maintains that this feature is strictly for those who voluntarily opt-in, it certainly can cause havoc if turned on and ignored! Here’s a five-step guide on how to switch of Snap Map!

  1. Open the Snapchat app
  2. On the camera screen, pinch your fingers to open Snap Map
  3. On the top-right corner of the screen, hit the Snap Map Settings button
  4. Toggle on the aptly named Ghost Mode
  5. Stay safe, live long and prosper.


By Gavril Mankoo. Gavril leads tonic’s Middle East operations out of Dubai.

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