May 3, 2010 Content

‘Brain’ over ‘Block’

Sitting, staring, stalled…

Are you still on this planet? Asleep? Hypnotized? What is it? Why are you still ogling at the word document you opened up and have not yet typed a letter? Let me clear the air for you – it’s called a ‘Writer’s Block’.

Many of us writers fall prey to the indefinable, abrupt arrival of this state-of-mind. You may find yourself on the lines of a dumbstruck lad who is ignorant about the concerned topic in question. But do not let that over power you. It’s only a passing phase on your watch. So, what you need to do is simple – counter it.

How? By trying your hand at stuff you would not imagine doing at work.

•    Get into a game of quick scrabble.
•    Oral word building.
•    Pick up a musical instrument, write the lyrics and compose a song if it is your hobby.
•    Saunter on beyond your work vicinity.
•    Enter a coffee shop and write about what you see.
•    Leave your keyboard aside. Lift up a pen or pencil for a change (Trust me, this works).
•    Listen to any genre of music that tickles your fancy (This one is a winner for all).
•    Try a brainstorm session of writing with other members in your team.
•    Read a couple of rib-tickling jokes, humorous lines or pun phrases.

The element here is to foil the plans of this entity in your mind who devises a strategy to create a static. Such small and simple activities that are in contrast to what you do at work come to your rescue.

You will figure it out once you reunite with that word document you left blank..

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