October 5, 2012 @Tonic

Behind the scenes – Photoshoot by Times Of India

This Friday started early with an interesting activity! Well … a photo shoot by Times Of India featuring – Chetan & Sam! The shoot consisted of a creative dose with the Tonic background, good candescene lighting & a professional photography from TOI.

Take 1: Grab the Rocket…

Lights, Camera, Action
Oops…Looks like Chetan who never misses the flight has missed the rocket this time!

Take 2: Say ‘cheesy’ pose!

Sam leans with his elbows (photographer trying to zoom in for a picture perfect shot)
Fingers crossed for this one.
Take 3: Talk to me …

We follow the famous quote; ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’.
There goes the shutter, with just a single word to utter!

  • Photographer: Bharat Chanda
  • Models: Chetan and Sam
  • Blog Script: Manoj Khiyani
  • Behind the scene spy cam: Chetan’s iPhone
  • Organizer: Apeksha Harihar (Wink)


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