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Avoid common SEO mistakes while writing any article

Creating an article to publish it online for various publishing sites, is the process in which one need to be very careful with various aspects. As, the way you present will bring the visitors and in turn the leads for your site.

Article Mistake :- 1 Grammatical / vocabulary errors must be avoided.

In addition to have your article proofed by others, you may also want to be sure that you have clearly defined paragraphs. Use simple and clear ideas instead of jumbling and heavy synonyms. Use of proper tenses is necessary while addressing your business/services in the article.

While explaining keep your “voice” in the same person throughout. If you are using the first person voice (I, me) or the second person (you, we, us) or the third person (they, them, he, she)… be consistent by staying in one voice for the entire article.

Article Mistake :- 2 Don’t overload with promotional stuffs

If you know, you are well good enough in your writing or expressing views, then there is no need to fill the body of your article with back links to your site or over excessive self-promotion. The good idea is to stick with the topic.

Better to back-link your company in the signature of your RESOURCE BOX below the body of the article. Research shows that the resource box often gets a 3% CTR (Click Through Rate). Be sure you take that advantage by not selling yourself hard in the body of the article.

Article Mistake :- 3 Think yourself as a reader

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself, “What does this article gives me?” Research on what viewers want to read, what is the trends audience follow, then do keyword search engine research to make your article keyword rich?

Make sure you don’t fill your article only with keywords. You must use keywords like one sprinkling salt on the food, it is necessary to make your food tastier, but overdoing it! spoils the entire food.

You can use phrase instead of single word keywords. Remember Keyword density should be of less than 10% means using only 10 keywords per 100words or repeat one keyword max to max 2-3 times per page.

Article Mistake :- 4 Be Precise

It’s better to go in-depth on a narrow topic but also be authentic. Define it. Explain it. Relate to it. Use bullet points or numbered lists. Give examples or expert advises giving more focus on your topic. Once again don’t divert your readers from actual topic. Be original in covering your topic as narrowly as possible in a way that has not been done by others.

• Brevity is golden.

Article Mistake :- 5 Have Headline like A Breaking NEWS

The headline is ~95% of the initial reason why someone might read your article or pass it over for another article. So, chose your headline wisely, but don’t bore your audience with out of the gate heading or with a worse headline, also boring introduction to the article can make you lose your readers. If you are thinking to use two sentences to make your headline, you’re thinking too hard. Keep it simple but make it hard Breaking news type. Use Google keyword research tools to optimize your article title.

Article Mistake :- 6 Don’t make your signature in resource box overloaded with all url’s The signature in your RESOURCE BOX is your pay-off for giving your article up for free reprints, but don’t misuse it by including a dozen of hyperlinks. Inclusion of one unique url or two at the most and you’ll find your article getting a huge online promotions. Also, you can end your article with one “question to think” type, where your readers will end reading your article with one point in mind to think of?.

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