May 26, 2015 Content

As Content Marketers, Here’s What You Need To Know About Dubsmash

That old “third time’s the charm” isn’t just superstitious talks. It applies to just about anything. You just have to be superstitious enough. Take Dubsmash, for instance.

The app, Dubsmash, lets users record video selfies while lip-syncing to audio clips stored in its library. These clips could be anything from songs, movies, or any other quotes you can think of recording.

Sounds random? Could be. Sounds sharable? Absolutely!

Dubsmash is more of a video messaging tool than a social network. Therefore, in a way, it doesn’t not directly compete with Vine, Instagram or other social networks you’re used to. However, there is no denying that it is here to stay considering all the high-profile celebrities who are having fun with the app.

That being the case, as a brand you will soon be looking to get into action with this. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  1. More than 20 million people are using Dubsmash across 192 countries
    The app is popular primarily for it’s simple user-interface making the process easy, quick and fun. It’s absolutely user generated content. Moreover, with Dubloader iOS users can upload their own dubs taking this to the next level. This feature is yet to make its way to Android.
  2. It has high-profile celebrities on board
    With Rihanna, Adam Levine and Lena Dunham having fun with the app, it created a buzz among their fans and encouraged use of the app.
  3. It’s not a social network but its content is highly sharable
    Unlike Instagram or Facebook this app does not have a timeline nor is the content set up to be shared within the app, like Snapchat. However, the videos can be saved to the user’s phone and can be shared across social networks and chat apps.
  4. It is clutter breaking
    Dubsmash stands out from Vine, Snapchat and Instagram and it does not directly compete with them since it is not a social platform.  However, it has the features of all three platforms. Add filters like you do on Instagram, add text from Snapchat and create short videos like you do on Vine.
    The app’s basic idea is lip-syncing. But what you lip-sync, how you do it, with whom you do it and where you do it is the interesting bit. Users can get creative and the possibility of creating funny content is endless.
  5. Brand shouldn’t wait too long to get on board
    Celebrities are already on board. Now the field is wide open for brands to experiment. Brands can create their own dubs for the users to use. Or they can encourage users to submit their own dubs. The list of possibilities is endless. All one needs to do is jump in and try.

There are many reasons why Dubsmash is blowing up. One of them is its simplicity. Hearing familiar quotes with new faces in unfamiliar places is funny. More than the videos it is more about the context they are used in. It appeals to the users the way emojis do: let you express without using word..

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