February 26, 2020 Case Studies, Social Media, Technology
AI and Social Media Marketing

How has AI (technology) transformed the face of social media?

Artificial intelligence has been a delight for social media users, and many businesses across various industries have tapped into the immense potential that it offers. So, social media is as significant for a business, as it is for its users. This blog reflects on how AI technology has transformed the world of social media.

Social media has become a significant part of our everyday lives. This is where we spend our spare time, (and even some time networking), every single day. The purpose of social media has gone beyond users who wish to simply stay in touch with their family and friends. This world is full of people with different purposes, including marketing heads, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Today, every brand or business makes it a point to ensure they have a strong social media presence, since it is a great, impactful way to reach out to your audience and market your products/services. When it comes to using social media for marketing, AI technology plays a crucial role. It not only gives users a better, more immersive experience, but it also alters how brands or products are perceived by their target audience.

In today’s world, many brands, devices, and platforms use AI to enhance the overall user experience and engage users. Our mobile phones have AI-enabled facilities, like voice recognition and real-time navigation; OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Hotstar use AI to provide users with must-watch recommendations. Here’s how AI has transformed social media today:

  • Immersive User Experience

There are so many people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, among others today, that it is difficult to analyze the vast amount of data that comes along with it. These social media platforms use AI at the backend to do that, which in turn, improves the overall user experience. Facebook uses it to provide content recommendations and recognize users within images. Instagram uses AI to recognize visuals. LinkedIn uses it to offer job recommendations and suggest new connections. Snapchat provides filters driven by facial gestures. Twitter uses it to keep track of what topics are trending and identify the ranking of such tags.

  • Chatbots

There is a vast, underlying potential for brands that have their own chatbots, to tap into. Chatbots not only interact with users in a much more engaging, personalized manner, but also give customers useful insights regarding their interests. In addition, they also compare social media posts and help brands figure out more effective marketing practices, to convert new visitors into potential customers. We developed Asia’s first-ever AI NLP chatbot called Filmykaant, who communicated with Bollywood fans in Hinglish, on the Sony Max Facebook Messenger platform.

  • Accurate Predictions

The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence is what makes it so impressive and valuable. Both of them work together, in order to create targeted brand marketing strategies. Machine learning is basically able to provide systems with the ability to make predictions based on data sets, and then various AI tools improve the accuracy and relevancy of these predictions over time. An example of this technology was the Responsible Smart Mirror, that redefined Sustainable Fashion for our client LIVA.

  • Enhanced Social Listening

Social listening means tracking online conversations, on the basis of certain phrases and words. It helps marketing professionals interact with their audience in a much more effective way, to create campaigns that draw their attention. This collected information is then used to create articles or blogs exclusively targeted to certain customer groups.

  • Image Recognition through AI

Currently, there are much more photos uploaded on social media than ever before. With artificial intelligence involved in social media advertising for most brands, image recognition through AI can allow marketers and strategy makers to use images. So, AI enhances engagement significantly and also helps to detect or analyze the user behaviour.

  • Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Artificial Intelligence tools observe consumer behavioural patterns, their likes, interests, and other factors, that shape their buying or consuming decisions. Brands then, take these valuable observations into account to make a better digital marketing strategy. Machine learning and AI, together, also assist brands in picking the right influencers for them. This was effectively used in our social campaign MTV Woofer to help dogs deal with noise trauma with soothing music, during festivals like Diwali.

  • Content Optimization

AI-powered systems can optimize online content, such as webinars, interviews, and headings for brands, according to the interests of their target audience and social media trends. Content plays a vital role in improving a brand’s image and awareness. In fact, it also drives sales and draws the attention of potential customers.

  • Not just Customer Service, but Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is every brand’s highest priority, no matter what. All brands work tirelessly towards providing their audience with an experience that is not only engaging, but also fulfilling. With AI-powered tools and machine learning, brands are now able to give customers a more immersive, engaging experience through chatbots, Augmented Reality (AR) filters, and other AI-driven experiences. We created a custom-made Facebook AR filter, where fans could share the Bench of Unity with Kotak 811’s brand ambassador Ranveer Singh.

Looking at the various avenues of AI today, it is clear that artificial intelligence definitely leads to smarter, more effective decisions. It has so much to offer on both sides of the spectrum – customers and brands alike, that its impact on social media platforms is inevitable and growing stronger. On a fundamental level, it means analyzing big chunks of data that social media platforms collate, and then using this data to create more successful strategies with targeted marketing. This is bound to work wonders for customers as well as businesses, in the long run.

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