September 29, 2010 Content

After the Storm comes the Calm

Don’t crowd up on my spine, just because you feel this title is a misled to the original – ‘The calm comes before the storm.” I am in an absolute conscious state of mind and am quite aware of it too.

However, my reason for such a title is solely directed towards creativity and its complexities. Remember the days when your grey cells just refused to work when you needed them most. That’s where the brilliant option of ‘brainstorming’ takes the stage.

What’s better than one creative mind? Two!

All you creative copywriters and content writers that are constant prey to this demonic lag-phase that clouds your innovative senses must resort to brainstorming within your team. The effective option of brainstorm sessions opens new realms for innovative and creative ideas. Perspectives and opinions are combined, concepts are understood, thoughts are blended and that steaming hot cuppa’ coffee, for some weird reason, tastes richer.

Oh! Suffering from an ego-attack that you find hard to counter? I have a solution for that too. Sip on some water and swallow that very ego way down your system because creativity despises egoistic individuals.

Brainstorming paves a way for path-breaking combinations of ideas that would soothe your mind post-completion.

Hence the expression “After the storm comes the calm.”.

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