June 12, 2015 @Tonic, Awards

A Day At MIX wins big!

Enjoy what you create, believe what you do, work hard to make a difference and success follows you – That’s exactly what ‘Tonic’ is all about.

a-day-at-mixIt was a proud moment as our campaign for Sony MIX “A Day at MIX” campaign won at the Asian Customer Engagement Awards 2015 in the Digital Marketing (Innovative Loyalty Program) category.

With  ‘A Day At MIX’ our objective was to give the Sony MIX fans an exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes and get an insider perspective on how a music channel functions. Bringing the experience alive for the viewer  and  building content around it, which will amplify the  brand was challenging ! Well Happiness is……when your hard work pays.

Wow! What a journey this has been as a Tonicker in just a few months. It was definitely an amazing experience to celebrate success on first shot for one of the leading brands in Music industry ‘Sony MIX’

Anchal Tirodkar, a proud Tonicker develops content & manages entertainment industry focused engagement .

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