June 11, 2012 Random Thoughts

Aah… the coffee stain …

A mug of coffee to get you started. A hurricane of ideas whirling in your head. All the thinking and all the drinking (of coffee!) is what gets a writer going. You cannot deny the fact that the semicircle stain of coffee in front of you has always been a part of writing, creative or not.

It is no secret that indulgence in a must if you want your creative juices to flow. When the caffeine shoots through your system, you feel compelled to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, churning out words and sentences to paint a bigger alphabetical picture.  Few things are as wonderful as the uninterrupted flow of thoughts, channeled from the deepest depths of your mind, through your hand, and onto a sheet of paper or your laptop screen. It is almost criminal to ‘pull the chain’ and bring the train of thoughts to a complete stop. Such is the joy of writing.

The formation of a coffee stain is an elegant phenomenon, and so is writing. When the coffee mug is kept on the table, the fresh spill of individual drops to the bottom of the mug is a symbolic representation of individual ideas coming together to form a definite shape, like the semicircle stain. The repeated lifting and keeping of the mug is the part when you are throwing in and pulling out sentences and words to give more meaning to your writing. And finally, after all the water evaporates, the final stain presents itself, dark and concentrated, just like your final write-up, deep and meaningful.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – True. Nevertheless, the power of words can never be underestimated. In today’s world, when we are ‘LOL’ing this and ‘LMAO’ing that, words have become just a compilation of alphabets, devoid of meaning. How many times have you actually rolled on the floor when you typed ROTFL? Punctuations too, were always there for a reason; for emphasis and effect. In today’s world of blogging and chatting, all the pseudo communication has been burying authentic writing in a grave, which is getting deeper and deeper by the day.

Whether it is a poem you’ve written for the girl you care for or just a mundane blog post you’ve posted on you blog site, a good write-up never fails to shoot straight to the heart of the reader. Writing doesn’t die, it changes styles. From the orthodox style of quills to parchments to the modern type ups into laptops, writing has evolved as a hobby and an art and symbolic companions, like the coffee stain, keeps it alive. There is a writer and a poet in everyone and it only takes the right amount of inspiration to get things started. The art in you – use it, don’t abuse it..

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