November 27, 2012 Random Thoughts

A Salute to an old Love!

Bliss is rather subjective as a concept. It’s that feeling which leaves no room for pain or negativity. It’s being content and truly happy, no filters, in that moment. Bliss is pure, uncomplicated happiness.

Bliss found me in unexpected ways at various points in my life. The time I learnt how to swim as a kid on my own, being given free piggy back rides even as an adult, laughing without holding back; yes, that was bliss in a variety of forms.

Hopping on to the point, everyone has a first love. That cute guy in your second grade class or the super pretty primary school teacher or a childhood best friend. Everyone has a first love.

But what about including a passion? For the longest time, music and I have had a no-holds barred relationship. It’s a way for me to express and emote when nothing works; it is a channel through which I can dance, forgetting the world for a little while. In that moment, it’s just me and the music.

Let’s not get self-obsessed here. It’s also a way to connect with people. Random, unknown strangers who faces which you may never see again. That feeling of being one in a concert, being one with the crowd and yet realizing who you are at some point, being one with music is unmatched.

Music speaks when nothing else does. It surpasses every boundary you can think of. It’s pure and uncomplicated. It is visible everywhere you go. Whether it’s a hapless beggar singing in the train, trying to win you over with his melodies for a few alms or the larger than life music idols you catch a glimpse of in snazzy videos, it’s omnipresent.

Personally, I’ve always feared being in a world without music. That would pretty much be the end, folks. Not the Mayan predictions but yes, a statement that music has ceased to exist would spell doom for me.

It’s a crazy love. But then, like I read somewhere- “Unless it is mad, extraordinary, passionate love, it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.”.

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