December 21, 2012 @Tonic

A little Christmas magic at Tonic

We never miss an occasion to make fellow Tonickers happy and what better time than Christmas!So we have hopped on to the tradition of this ultimate game played in most offices to make our colleagues happy. Secret Santa in Tonic is going to kick off the festivities!

What is most important is to suit the gift to the character of the person. I have decoded some characters and suitable gifts for them.

Gift Ideas under Rs. 200 for different characters.

Stationary Thief

Stationary Thief

1. A Pilot Pen in Blue and Black

2. A fancy Stapler

3. A big colourful calculator

4. A set of Markers

The Geek

The Geek

1. A message T-shirt

2. Anti glare funky Geek Specks

3. A novel

4. Funky Pen Drive

The Trendy One

The Trendy One




1. Pedicure/ Manicure Set

2. Fashionable Phone Cover

3. A Stole


The Creative one

The Creative one


1. Handmade Paper Diary

2. Funky Poster

3. Pictionary Board Game

4. Creative Bookmarks

The Professional

The Professional



1. Visiting Card Holder

2. Best Boss Coffee/Beer Mug

3. Ear Phones




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