October 12, 2012 @Tonic

A Boost of Tonic- A boost for life!- By a content writer at Tonic

The first few days of my work in Tonic: “Grind yourself sana!”, said Sudish Sir, the words which came out of his mouth out of concern for a new and a nervous employee who never had an experience at hand in the field of ‘writing’. These words are not consigned to oblivion. It actually meant I needed to have a break up with my comfort zone and mingle with the reality to face the pressures in the life to come. These words have actually subsided in me just like a line on a rock that is so stubborn and determined enough not to fade away with time. My aimless life got a motivation, a goal and a“push” in my career, like really.

I was someone who gave up easily, was a runaway, self-indulgent, an unconfident girl living with my fears. I had an “It’s not my job” attitude. And lastly a girl who thought writing was a cakewalk. I am thankful to Manoj Sir for realising the potential in me and getting me and my portfolio across to Sudish Sir and Chetan Sir. Writing was never a passion but gradually it has become, let me tell you how. The Kick start: A titillating start it was. “oh wow, this is easy” I said, I remember the very first article which I was given to write was something I thought was a as easy as a pie. I was given a 400 word article and I finished it in no time. Had an amazing superior feeling of being acquisitive and adept in like anything whichever comes my way but the truth was about to be revealed. I was acquainted to a thing called “Copyscape”. A menace which every content writer dreads. I had a good graph of 60% copied. Hell, I didn’t know what this was about. It’s like a teacher who catches you when you are copying. It gave a severe and abrasive blow to the writer in me. Writers have a complicated relationship with Copyscape. I think it is more dangerous to land up on being ‘copyscape positive” than on the borders of Pakistan. I promised myself for not getting caught again.

My struggling days: A writer is a constant struggler because a writer has to play with words and make sure they connect the right chord with the readers. It is not that I am not still struggling or not being criticised for my work but as they say, the ‘beginning is always hard’. This was the time where I could either lose my confidence for work or take it positively and move on. I did the latter. I would say mentors, bosses and editors play a crucial role in moulding up a content writer. I still remember Apoorv, my previous editor made it a point to make us feel comfortable with our work. Indeed he was a Rock star in doing that. There were times when I was still struggling to be acknowledged as a writer. He gained my respect when he brought me into a corner to give a good piece of motivation and told me “Put more efforts in your writings”. He could have told it in everybody’s presence, only to make me feel bad and conscious about myself and later add it to my discouragement. But he fortunately didn’t. He appreciated the way I gave soul to my ideas also in a higher platform like ENERGITICA- a programme conducted to pay homage for Tonickers. He undoubtedly motivated me throughout. I’ll always miss Apoorv, for being a guiding force in my path and showering me with a light of everlasting knowledge. No one will ever be able to replace him.

Tonic has taught me that you will often face dejections, rejections and disapprovals in life. You will always get crooked, rough and devious paths to success. It should be us who should not dither from the constant base to survival in this competitive world. The bottom line is to do nothing but “work hard and give your best!”. Tonic for me is as special as those two polio drops of life, one made me capable to stand on feet and the other broadened my horizons to dream high.

A milestone: An ecstatic day when I got appreciated for garnering the maximum amount of likes for Mickey Mehta’s Blog. Tonic makes it happen! Sooner or later. It rekindled the passion for writing more in me.

The change: Being a Tonicker for about 6 months, life has indeed taken an about turn. After all these hindsight I can proudly say that now I don’t give up easily as I used to. “It’s not my job” has changed to “ Let’s do it” one. Scintillating confidence has taken over my immemorial fears. And writing is not a cake walk for me now, NOT AT ALL. You either eat the cake or walk away with nothing.

P.S- If you want to discover yourself or know the real meaning of work or personal life then you should join TONIC MEDIA. The firm which nurtures your talent and brings out the most in you. You really don’t need a work experience while you enter it but you do walk away with loads of experiences. I enjoy the metamorphosis as I take the boost of Tonic which will forever keep stimulating my confidence and a zeal for writing in my life..

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